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Hi all, i've recently registered however i cannot seem to post from my I-Pad, i've had to post this from my desktop and wondered if this was a temporary problem or do i need to do something?


What version are you running? I had problems before I updated to the one before this one (if that makes sense?)


I don't have any problems posting from ipad Cornish Boy, are you running ios 7?

On an ipad, i can only post if i access the site from google, rather than safari. No idea why !

Hiya Cornish boy.  Cornish boy too. ,welcome.  


Thank you all for the posts! It's really odd as the keyboard on the I-Pad pops up as usual when typing on other parts of the site, ie when on my profile page or when using the search box. The odd thing is that when i go to post all i can see is"Cornish Boy says" and part of the arrow on the icon bar with none of the icons.

TBH i'm not really that computer literate, i'm more for gardening and that sort of thing  

Sussed it!! In message settings i changed from advanced to basic editor and am now posting on said I-Pad!!

Woo hoo!  Welcome to the forum Cornish Boy  

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