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Mike Allen

First and foremost.  I don't wish to rock the boat but.  In favour of GW Forums.  Folks we are so forunate.  So many areas of gardening are catered for.  Even this area. Site Feedback.

So why might I ask are members posting question such as.  Plant ID.  What's wrong with my apple tree etc.  Please fellow garden lovers post in the respective areas.  This area is for praise, complaints and suggestions for the smoth running of the forum.


Not everyone has your level of IT capability Mike ... And most of us understand and have tolerance and patience with all sorts of non-conformity. 

Perhaps your urge to keep things tidy comes from working in parks etc, or your need to police boundaries comes from other employment experience. 

I have a more relaxed attitude and am happy to try to help wherever the questions may be posed. 

The last thing I want to do is put new people off asking questions when they may already be feeling a little uncertain. 

A welcoming smile is far better than a bossy 'you've done it wrong' attitude 

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Well said dove a little tolerance is needed when people are asking for help I am sure they will get the idea in the end

plant pauper

I use the "latest posts" button and scan through the titles of each post. I never notice which category they are in and I don't really think it matters. If I see one that interests me I read it; if not I scroll on.

I'm fairly au fait on a gardening forum but I'm also a recent contributor on another forum on a subject in which I'm a relative beginner. I'm now painfully aware of how difficult it can be to be clueless. The last thing we need on this forum is for people to be made to feel stupid rather than uninformed.

Maybe it's time to relax your slacks a little. 


like pp, I never notice what category people have posted in. It all appears on the same screen and very often I can't decide which category to post in as nothing seems to fit exactly.

a question is a question, it doesn't need more than that



Don't like to rock the boat, that's a good one!  With your track record with this site I don't think that was a good move. 

Allens late night postings again, please, newbies, post where you think fit, makes no difference. 


If you're a newbie reading this please don't be put off; this forum isn't the easiest to work out especially if you're on a mobile device.

The friendliest of people on this forum who positively fall over to help (don't tend to see you answering many newbie posts Mike) all use the latest posts function so don't care one jot where you pop up!

Perhaps there could be a pinned page to read when joining, to briefly explain what is on the site and how to navigate around the site.  I'm a newbie and still finding interesting things.  I didn't realise that there was a search area for previously answered questions, which is brilliant.  I also only found the jam jar link last week, love looking at the fabulous pictures.

Great forum with lots of people willing to share their experience, skill and advice.  Now I'm heading back to 'plants' to ask for identity


There is Mary, but I never look in there  in case someone has queried something under a different heading🙂


I am finding navigating these threads complicated. A couple of months ago had a facilty when searching the list of  previous vine weevil threads to view  "most recent".  and have them "filed by date" .

That option now just seems to crash that.  It would be so much easier to read,  or further post on the and now the "most recent" version of a thread. Any ideas? 

This flipping Savill Garden  flyer is  blocking my post completely now.

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It is good to feel that you are communicating with a person. Scanning through old posts, you might as well Google it.

I think most if us are aware that the information we seek can be found elsewhere. - but that's not the point as far as I'm concerned.

I only ever use latest posts. I like the serendipity of it. Think of all the interesting posts - like this one- that you'd miss if you kept within the parameters.

Not sure about Pinned Pages Mary - you're getting a bit technical there 

Since the forum changes last year, the easiest thing seems to be Latest Posts - everything turns up there eventually doesn't it ?

Come on Mike - be reasonable - does it really matter ?  As long as people get their queries answered and advice given, the forum is working isn't it ?

Some of us are more Techy than others - you can tell I'm not as I don't even know how to correctly spell Teccy but despite initial problems, the site works well enough for my needs and judging by the number of new posters, for theirs as well


He's got exactly what he wanted though, 250  views in one day. 

All who know him from years before will know he is a Flame Baiter. 

Views don't matter tho do they ?  The responses are what counts.  It surely doesn't take much nous to know if someone is just posting for the sake of it.  Mike often seems to do that without having the gumption to "join in" most of the time.  Each to their own - let him be and don't respond........exactly as you and I have (not) ...........


Many views are down to automatic 'Bots' ... Not human beans at all, so numbers of views mean  nothing. 



Well I'll claim to be at least three of those views. But mainly because I am always so glad to come back and see Mike the old jagged troll being yet again (gets boring doesn't it) reminded of the more important things in life.

In this case the opportunity to meet new friends and to help new gardeners make their way into paradise.

Well done everyone for bring so much more welcoming, friendly, and accommodating than that horrid old fart.

Mike Allen

Thank you all for your replies.  I say that in all honesty.  After all said and done.  "I only asked"    I apologise if my post offeneded anyone.  Enjoy your gardening.


Hey it won't let me put up any pictures, but I'm in the US could you look into that for me or will it just take a few days?


Hi Kylerduvall

There was a glitch on the forum during the week ... the tech team fixed it but it seems to have come back and of course, as it's the weekend the tech team aren't around ... hopefully it'll get fixed tomorrow.