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Hi all i know very little about gardening at all but am in the process of starting a fresh with a grass garden . I would love to create a japanise style garden . I would appreciate it very much if i could have any sugestions on types of plants that are easy to care for but are suited to this style of garden . Size of garden is approx 16ft by 12ft so not very large . Many thanks for any help given .

I think you need to go to the Library and read as many books as you can find on the Japanese style.   It's not just the plants, it's the whole balance of rock, stone, water, moss and a limited palate of plants.

You'd have to do a lot of ground work to prepare the soil and lay weed reisistant membranes for the gravel areas.  You'd also need to source and price rocks and think about getting all the materials into the garden.

Usual plants include bamboo, Japanese maples, spring flowering cherries, azaleas, hostas and moss.

Have a look at this site too -  It explains the basics and gives examples of Japanese gardens and their creation.

denise butcher

here is my garden might help with ideas



denise butcher

 This is a koi pond with cloud and gravel


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