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Don't know if this the right place for this but I am trying to subscribe on the offer of five issues for £5. When I click the link it says the code cant be used and just allows the normal subscription rates.

Any ideas?


Orchid Lady

Hi David, I did that offer when I started my subscription, to be honest you might be better just phoning up, that's what I did in the end.  When they send the letter of confirmation make sure you check your bank details though.....I didn't and they had put the account number wrong so cancelled my subscription!! All was sorted in the end though and now I'm a happy subscriber and happy forum member 


If you shop at Tesco you can get the whole year for £14.00 in vouchers.

Thanks for the replies. I will try email. Lyn we don't shop at Tesco so that's out, pity as that's a good deal.



Hi Lyn,


The email sorted it out. Thank you for the link.

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