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On tonights prog. it was mentioned that the list of euphorbias was on the website. Also other things that are mentioned in the prog. ie. plants featured, gardens visited, are all introduced as 'on the websiite'. Am I thick or just not looking in the right place because I can't see anything?


I was not quite so keen on yesterday's program.  It may be because I don't have a pond and am not keen on euphorbias.  It may also be because I enjoyed the previous program so much that this one paled in comparison!

I agree. Good to see Rachael back, and a damp soggy Nigel, but not as useful for your general gardener. I would love it if they added a brief 7 day weather forecast or mentioned likelihood of frosts.

Third programme in a row that I really enjoyed  Pity about the snooker next week  I love euphorbias and they rarely get a mention in the media apart from being "a stalwart workhorse of the garden". Inspired me to buy a few more 


I agree about the snooker! Your plants don't stop needing care for the week do they!! And it is such an important time in the a novice I'm itching to get my bedding plants out but know I shouldn't!

I think that the spring programs should be an hour long, more than summer when everything is growing anyhow. We are straight out of winter and starving hungry for green things I reckon! I work my garden the most hours in Spring and I want design know how, planting ideas, flower porn and a good sniff around other people's gardens. I want to luxuriate in all those plants and projects that might take my fancy and GW always leaves me wanting more

And planty more shots of Nigel!

Ground Elder

Another good programme.  A garden can never have too many euphorbias.  Polychroma is positively glowing in my borders at present.  I love primulas too and planted a whole load around my pond last year.  I was interested to see how they sow the seeds at Harlow Carr, as I'd always tried using them fresh. (with mixed results!) 

I've always fought shy of trying to grow primulas from seed as I believed they were very difficult.  I'm just off to the garden centre to buy some seeds and give them a go.  We're revamping a pond and last night's episode gave us lots of ideas.

Nigel is the real star isn't he!! There's something special about gardening with a dog at your side.


I grew Cowslips from seed a few years back, including putting them in the fridge for 6 weeks to fool the seed into thinking it had gone through winter.

When I planted them in the garden I forgot all about them and rescued just two plants two years ago looking very sorry for themselves. They got a better place and last summer I divided them and will again this year. After a slow start they seem to be taking off nicely now. 

 Here they are mixed with some Doronicum Little Leo that were half dead and on the cheap at B&Q last year and now doing splendidly.

I look forward to friday nights start of the weekend and GW, but not next week thanks snooker . I agree Nigel is a star I would love to have a dog like him.


Monty has impressed me so much more since moving from Berryfields. He seems so much more relaxed and happy on his own patch.  He practises organic gardening but does not preach it. He got some stick to start with about the state of his box hedging, and how much of it there was, but it looks a lot better now. And he's not bothered about getting a good soaking and looking like a drowned rat for the sake of the programme.  Even Carole seems to have tempered her enthusiasm and is not as "over the top" as she used to be, so I can listen to her words of wisdom without cringing at her dramatics.  Or is it just that I am getting more mellow?  And Joe is a lot more interesting talking about garden design than he was when messing about on his allotment. 

I do agree that the spring sessions should be longer. I enjoyed the euphorbia slot, but was not interested in the pond bit - I've done it in a previous garden but no chance in my current one. These slots are great provided there is enough time left for general advice of value to most of the audience at this critical time of year. 


I don't like the dog - he should be indoors instead of distracting the cameraman 

Shrinking Violet

I really have mellowed so far as Monty is concerned;  previously he seemed remote and not entirely engaged with the programme.  Now, from his own garden, he is more relaxed and there are many parts of the programme to enjoy, even if not directly relevant to my own garden.  Boo to snooker taking over next week.  We want and need more gardening in the spring, not less!


I really enjoyed this week's show.  I liked Toby Buckland in GW and was not too sure what to expect from Monty, but he has really grown on me, and especially so on his own patch, where He's obviously more comfortable. I like the 'Lime Walk', where he's injected some other subtle colour in the way of the cream Tulips and the Buttermilk Yellow Wallflowers.  They were a lovely combination en-mass.  I love Euphorbia, so was a happy bunny there too.  Keep up the good work Monty & Co.


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