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Is there a way of tracking a thread without having to post on it. Couldn't see any obvious way of doing this.


Not that I have found-like "subscribe to this discussion"

You could just post a blank message -you will get an -e-mail if there are further postings, you could then keep the e-mail-it contains a link to the topic and its title.

A sort of solution


When using the bbc message boards, posters would often write 'ping' as a way of keeping track of a thread or too keep the post on top. Sounds silly, but it worked. If 'ping' lol sounds like its not your thing, write something else.

On this site, just click on your user name and it will take you to the most recent posts you have contributed on.  I'm going too have to disable e-mails because the amount I'm getting is just silly.

A tick box to allow you to track a thread would be a nice feature. Posting blank or other sounds kinda silly but perhaps necessary.

There is a feedback feature-why not put forward a suggestion?


Ah. I thought this was that. Where do I find this?

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