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Hi, I am new to the site and want some advice on a problem but cant seem to upload any photos.   I can select the photo but when I press 'upload' nothing happens.  Anyone any ideas please??


Victoria Sponge

Hi Lindyloo, you have to wait for about 30 seconds for the photo to appear in the box. Then click save.


Yes takes ages - I thought it wasn't working! Probably about a minute for ordinary broadband - no superfast here yet!


Best to reduce the size of the photo or you'll be asleep before it uploads

Thanks all.    Waited and it appeared.   Uploaded to the message I was sending and it didn't appear, just some funny little white boxes - waited for ages and still didn't appear.    How do I reduce the size of a photo nutcutlet please.  Why is everything so flippin difficult.


Victoria Sponge

The white box means it is too big- Nut is right. In your photo album on your computer  there should be a function to edit and crop the pic. It probably only needs a little slice took off.

You might find they appear after submitting a reply with just the boxes anyway but probably on their side

Victoria Sponge

P.s Welcome to the forum Lindyloo

Sorry, should have said that before...


Lindyloo, to reduce the size you need to open your picture in a programme like Photoshop or 'Paint'.

Paint is a very basic programme you can download, so simple even I can use it.

and welcome to the forum

I don't seem to have the toolbar or any facility to upload photos, can someone tell me where to find it please?
Beaus Mum

If you are trying by phone or iPad then some just don't work on here  Think best bet is lap top, 

Hi David K, just followed your instructions and bingo! Thank you so much

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