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Daniel Haynes

Welcome to our brand new forum, where you can talk plants, problems and all things horticultural with like-minded gardeners.

Whether you’re a rose grower, an allotmenteer, an orchid obsessive or a general all-rounder, this is the space to share your passion. From complete beginners to seasoned experts, our online community is as diverse as the plant kingdom itself.

Is there a question you’re burning to ask? Perhaps you need to identify a strange new plant that has seeded itself in your borders. Post a photo, and it probably won’t be long before the mystery is solved.

If you grow majestic marrows or stately verbascums, then share the secret of your success. Or, if your hostas are miraculously slug-free, tell us how you manage it (you obviously have special powers).

Whatever the topic – design, double digging, air layering or cloud pruning – you’re sure to find something to interest you. Browse the themed folders, add your voice to the conversation, and start a new discussion at any time by clicking ‘create new thread’.

One of the joys of gardening is that we never stop learning. There’s no such thing as a ‘stupid question’ on a gardening forum, so don’t be backwards in coming forwards - gardeners are a generous bunch, and somebody will be glad to help. And please share your wisdom with any first-time gardeners...

That’s enough from me – over to you. It’s your forum, so please enjoy it.

Daniel Haynes


I am always intregued by new things even though it takes me some time to get into them, I don't really know what I think of this new format as I haven't found my way around everything but I love Gardeners World so I will have to try this new format. A friend gave me a fruit smells like a lemon looks really weird with finger like tendrils at one end I think Chinese. in the room the smell is fresh really delisuose to smell but inediblejust full of pith. can you name this plant please.

Emma Crawforth

Hello Kay,

From your description I wonder if you have a dragon fruit? They do have 'tendrils' on them, that are longer at one end. Inside the flesh is white and so might look like pith, although it is edible. Thanks for taking the time to look round the site and submit a comment on our new forum. Do let us know about any other queries you have, and feel free to answer anybody else's queries too!

Emma team


Happy New Year to all on the new forum.  It has made great strides in its short life so far and I am eagerly awaiting developments next year.


And a Happy New Gardening Year to you too, happymarion2, and to all forum users.  

I love Gardeners' World magazine to which I subscribe and I also love the website. Loads of very valuable information. Ideal because I don't have to keep it all in my head (which is almost impossible anyway). Can't wait to retire and spend more time in my own garden as opposed to other peoples', but will have to wait quite a few years more unfortunately

Daniel Haynes

Hello annekibble: many thanks for your kind comments - it's good to hear that you find the site helpful.


Hello GW team! Loving the new forums, and the site's looking great. Liking the profiles and pics of you all too. What a handsome chap you are Editor Haynes!

Daniel Haynes

Thank you for your kind words, abbiefereday. All compliments go into the (rather slim) dossier.

Not sure where to ask this question I did not have an insert in the June mag and I need a subscribers club card before Thursday when we are of to Gardeners World Live It says in magazine cut out and keep Subscribers Club Lounge enrty card Help Please


Daniel Haynes

Hello junkbuyer. I've emailed a PDF copy of the insert, that you can print out take to the show with you. I hope you have a great time!


Hello. This is my first time on this site. Its great. I was on the old gardeners world forum before they closed it down (whatever for I shall ever understand) But this site is marvellous. here`s to a happy relationship. x

By the way- what are the red chillies along questions for??

Hi, I'm new to gardening forums and I am really enjoying the Gardeners World forum.  I've had a couple of questions answered and enjoy the friendliness of everyone.  Shall certainly be looking at the forum everyday.  Thanks.


Daniel. This morning I notice a fellow poster with an almost identical name, viz., cristopher2 . This is slightly disconcerting to me as,I actually,thought for a moment that I had posted a comment earlier,today. Can you advice please?

Hi,I am new to the site and I am very impressed with the format etc.Glad to be on board.

I have been using this forum for two or three months now and wish I had known about it earlier.  I have asked several questions and have had plenty of advice and information and have also enjoyed reading other peoples problems and about their gardens.  Cannot thank everyone enough.


I have recently joined this forum, love Gardeners World and am having a subscription to the mag for a birthday present, help me through the winter months, hate the long winter evenings .....not too good at navigating as yet but hopefully it will get easier

Can anybody help please.

I have a poly tunnel with raised wooden beds made from sleepers.
I have had the beds for two years & this year a white fungus is spreading from the sides of the beds into the soil. I can actually peel the fungus from the inside of the beds & when I dig down the side I have removed what looks like white roots, though these don't belong to any fruit or veg. Some of the fungus has spread to my turnips & made them 'mushy'.

Does anyone know what this is and what I should do.