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This seems such a silly question: I've posted queries on the forum several times before but..

Yesterday I placed one about cutting back grasses. I was very surprised not to see it published - but even more surprised when I clicked on my icon at the top of the page and found that there were 11 replies! So some people must have seen it! I've looked and looked but still can't locate it. Am I going mad?

Thank you so much for your prompt reply - and yes, I take the point about the Christmas lights. I felt awful for days. I really hadn't meant to give a bad impression.....

Back to my grasses: As I said, yes, I can see it when I look under my profile - but why doesn't it appear under the "Latest posts? I'm sure my posts have appeared there before.

Thanks again for your patience.

Bunny ...
Latest posts people keep adding to , yours will appear if added to again




It is Ok-pretty thick-skinned -most of the time

If you had looked on new discussions rather than latest posts-it was nearer the top-but it is always going to slip down the page as other posts overtake it

Just the information I needed! Now I know I have to look in "New discussions" rather than "Latest posts". Many thanks. I love the forum and look at it several times a day (when I'm not gardening or planning gardening).....just wondered: Is there an idiots guide to using the foru? Then I wouldn't have to ask daft questions. Glad you've accepted my apology for poor choice of words before Christmas.


There is this

Most of it is simple- but quite often people have trouble posting pictures and loads of us wade into help-like changing avatar picture etc-if you are stuck just shout- is what I always say.

As usual it is easy if you know

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