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I am moving home in March and having just bought some autumn bedding plants, I wonder if it would be best to put them straight into terracota pots rather than in the ground as I will be taking some plants with me, and we can get bad weather end Feb/March.  Any assistance would be appreciated.




If these are just pansies and primulas I would leave then behind as there will be lots of nice stuff coming on in the garden centres by then.

No there is euphobia, michaelmas daisies, crocosmia, anemone.



In that case I'd put them in pots. Otherwise you'll never be ble to find them by March .


Yes, pot them now.  Keep in a sheltered position by the house wall. If it gets really cold, you could put them in the garage, or a shed while they are dormant.



I agree, you'll have plenty to do without digging up plants in February. Anyway if you intend to dig plants up you will have to make a list and tell the buyer of your house.  If they are in pots you can just take them with you.

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