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Just now having cup of tea and a chunk of red leicester.


Wow, your day was a long one.


Runny beak - re your scabby head comment - up here we say - 'I'm so hungry I could eat the poultice off a scabby wean's heid' ...a lovely image I'm sure you'll agree! 

Lyn  - are you half mouse? 

The version i heard was, "i could eat me own ed", we aint quite right here!


Orchid Lady

Gosh Lyn, did you only come in from the garden at 2.24? That's dedication for you 


No, I was out axe murdering OL.

I get nights like that sometimes, I go to bed then wake right up.

Bekkie was posting as well.


I was only up because my stupid dog needed to pee, then was starving! He didnt even get up til 3pm yesterday afternoon- hard life eh! OH was snoring his head off, so i was on the sofa in my sleeping bag

Oh ek Lyn, "they" might think im your accomplace!
Orchid Lady

Ha ha Lyn  I hadn't noticed the time on Bekkie's, I think it was the fact you were eating Red Leicester and then the time that attracted my attention  I thought maybe you  were a night worker actually 

I was wide awake at 5.30 ish but just lay in bed making lists in my head 


That was the reason I was up as well Bekkie, perhaps your dog and I should shack up together!.

I have lists all over the place, thats because I cant remember anything, you get like that at 27.

Theres a shopping list, a things to do list, an urgent things to do list, a seed list, a wish list, bits of paper everywhere.

Ive taken to keeping a little book with me, i cant remember anything! And since ive not been working, ive forgotten how to spell! You have probably noticed! Believe it or not, part of my job was writing letters to clients and customers, wouldnt last 5 min now!

Bekkie my mut also decided to wake me up in the night and I had to let him out.  He came in crying over me and licking my nose until I got up to let him out what a big softie.  When he got up later he wanted breakfast so he tried to devour the postman.  I'm going to get arrested!

By the way runny egg and golden chips dipped in it, yummy.


FAIRY GIRL. Re Scabby kids head. Another saying here is ....I'm so hungry I think my throats been cut. Not a pleasant analogy I know but I often feel that way cos I 'forget ' to eat when I'm gardening. 

Artjack, the recipe for veg curry.

Fry an onion in olive oil. When soft add any curry paste according to the heat you want(I use Pataks). Add seasonal veg and coat with the curry paste. Add a tin of tomatoes or fresh depending on the season and half a cup of lentils. Simmer till tender. At the last minute add a handful of chopped coriander. Never fails.


Runnybeak we say that around here  S.Yorks  



Barbara, thank you

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