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For those of us lucky enough to have an allotment, how many grow flowers aswell as fruit and veg and for what reasons?

I grow sweetpeas at the end of my runner bean trench and some annuals to help attract in the pollinators. I also love to see the splashes of colour dotted around the plot.

My grandad who lived nr Sheffield always had gladioli and chrysanths for cutting flowers for my grandma, to this day glads are one of my favourite flowers.


I don't actually have an allotment but I have a veggie garden. I grow nasturtiums next to the broad beans to keep the black fly off the beans, doesn't actually work, but they are pretty and I put them in salads. I grow French marigolds near the tomatoes, they are pretty too. I have various flowering herbs dotted about, like borage, dill and coriander. I have a tulip patch for cutting and a dahlia and gladioli patch too. Once I sowed some Love-in-a-Mist so they sow themselves every year. This year and some other years I have sweet peas.

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