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Good morning folks.

I have arranged about 15 Victorian land drains ( clay pipes 300 cm long and 10 cm diameter) in a pattern in my sloping garden, they are upright 20 cm above ground level. I would like to plant alpines etc but I am worried about the soil drying out to quick, the garden gets about 50/50 sun-shade. Any ideas please.



Hello Merlot. Do you want to plant the alpines inside the upright land drains? What is between the land drains and how tall is it? How far apart are the land drains? So you know what sort of soil you have?

Hello Pansyface. The drains are grouped together a bit like organ pipe formation following the slope of the ground and I would like to plant in some of them. As for soil I suppose it would be whatever I buy from the garden centre.


Hi Merlot

For alpines you need really free draining soil.  I would chose top soil and plenty of grit not sure what ratio though.  I think it's a brilliant idea, I can just envisage it.  There are some wonderful Saxifrages need to check them out, also Sempervivums which don't need much water (looking after themselves once planted).  I think it will look very effectives.  Good luck

Thanks a lot I think my green fingers have started growing. I am quite good at using  quirky objects in the garden but it is what  to plant that leaves me stumped.




Easy alpine type plants are helianthemums or Rock Roses. They come in lots of colours, flower for ages and need hardly any care.

Thanks all. I am off to the Alpine Centre in Derbyshire tomorrow it will be a nice drive through the Peak District and hopefully we will find a nice spot for a picnic. The added bonus is we will return with goodies ready for planting.



Is that the one at Calver Sough?


50/50 mix of grit and soil for apines, merlot. Can't go too far wrong if  you do that. Top dress them with grit once you've planted them too, to keep water away from the neck of the plants and to keep them 'clean'  

Yes that's the one the website looks interesting and I love the Peak District.



And a very nice garden centre just over the road.....

Good morning all, thanks for the info. The sun is shining the sky is blue, I am going to get busy theres lots to do.


Morning Merlot I've got lots to do too, but we had rather a late night last night, (or should I say early morning.) It was 4 am before we got into bed and hubby is still there, so I will have to go about things quietly until he gets up.

4 am Pauline 7 I thought burglars were the only people up and about at that time. Hair of the dog seems like a good idea.


............oops cheers is the wrong word to use I think you and hubby have done enough of that.


No we weren't on the booze, neither of us drink alcohol.We just met up with a couple of friends at their house and got nattering. It was actually getting daylight when we got home !!!

It made a change, I am often getting up at that time !!

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