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jo4eyes you have caused me quite a pickle avantage card and points are things i do not know about . i tried to get the lady wife to read your comments but she is having nothing to do with new fangled computrs. so i will try one of the shops you mentionsed and see if they can help me.but thank you for sharing your advice and it as been interesting readin.

Mine started in the early 90's after i had had flu. My husband was working in Scotland and i had a small baby to look after. Got over the flu and then was knocked sideways by something mysterious. In the meantime ive had 2 major ops on my back a hysterectomy and a major repair to my shoulder from where i got knocked off my bike. Got some brilliant scars. Fibro has flareups can be caused by stress, change in diet change in the weather or just because it feels like it. Tried going to a support group but just got depressed. One of my best friends also has it so  i have a kindred soul who knows just what its like without me having to explain. I keep on plodding taking the good with the bad and try not to overdo things when i have a good day. Keep smiling everyone it makes people wonder what you've been up to. Take care.

I think that this thread should be renamed Am I sharing too much

Caz W

Great idea joslow!  I was just thinking how much I have learned since joining this forum 2 weeks ago and only half of it is related to gardening   Keep posting everyone!



It's only like chatting to your neighbour over the garden fence.  It starts off as gardening and then goes off in all sorts of strange directions.  Except it's nice and warm in here (pickling it down outside), and I'm reading with a coffee in my hand!


Joslow......wot have I started?

What indeed?? Now, is it going to rain today? I am due to start "The great Autumn garden revamp" but could just as easily sit indoors and read my Kindle 


@joslow.. yeah that is good idea.. but that is what forums are all about.. just as if you were talking in the street to a friend about life in general.

i love the way it goes off topic and then back again.. bit like watching a Billy Connely show.. 

I have also learnt lots on here about lots of everything.

I love the way the conversations go here there and everywhere. Just like taling to friends. I have days that im not so good and to" chat" cheers me up.

i ave spent all day in the garden and i am completly cream was only yesterday that i could do 12 hours work without noticing and without aching.has anyone got a solution for this.and where do all these weeds come from.

keiths lemon wrote (see)

i ave spent all day in the garden and i am completly cream was only yesterday that i could do 12 hours work without noticing and without aching.has anyone got a solution for this.......



I have spent all day in the garden. Put the bubble plastic up in the greenhouses today and I've put some of my fucshias in for the winter, pulled the sweetpeas down (they were rubbish this year). The weather has been really sunny today  and hopefully tomorrow will be the same so got to make the most of the good weather. Just spent the last couple of hours looking at seeds to buy (on ebay), some are really reasonably priced and not such high postage as T & M and Unwins either.


Another cream crackered poster here! Feel as though I'm catching up with all the stuff that should have been done through the year, but the weather was so awful I didn't have a chance. G&T at my side as I type.

I too have been taking fuchsias inside, found the dreaded vine weevil grubs, but have taken cuttings before disposing of the plants. Now sitting with feet up and glass of red to hand. Hoping for another sunny day again tomorrow so can continue. Happy gardening to everyone                         

Putting the garden to bed for the winter is a hateful chore but it needs to be done. Ive got so much rubbish there is no more room in compost bins. Hope to get to the allotment this week as the weather looks to be good. Shall watch the repeat of Downton this afternoon as i never seem to stay awake long enough to watch it on a sunday evening. Think if a i stay awake any later than that i will turn into a pumpkin


Can't have you turning into a pumpkin maud

Another busy day in the garden. Planted 30 Polyanthus plants into the garden today plus 20 Hyacinths. All my fuchias are now in, though I do bring some out during the day for the bees, they love them. I can't help it, I'm just a softy.

Another beautiful day, visited friends for coffee at the National Arboretum instead of gardening, very pleasant 

I spent all day in the garden, had a really good clear out of the veg beds and GH. I'm pleased to say judging by the number of fat caterpillars and eaten veg leaves deposited in the compost bin, Zoomer's garden has probably contributed to a huge increase in the UK's butterfly population this year and next

Due to all the rain couldn't get out there enough this year to squash them, if the birds aren't pinching your currants, caterpillars are munching your veg  

If we did that there'd be grounds for as ASBO

Pennine Petal
In the garden all afternoon, my sedums are in full flower And alive with bees, insects and moths. In the process of rejigging one of my beds and still trying to dig up a wandering phygellus. It's such a thug! Lots of recent plant acquisitions to put in. Have improved the top foot or so of soil, but solid clay below. Looks like 2 sunny days coming up, but will be working, typical eh?