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I think it is Rubus arcticus. Can be quite an invasive plant too, where suited. I killed it!


I think it's some sort of fruit. So it won't be.

Look similar to Alpine Strawberries (sorry don't know the name).  The fruit is tiny and enjoyed by wildlife but it can be very invasive.


Looks like Ribes sanguineum to me. 



..isn't that simply the flowering currant - Ribes sanguineum?  the leaves are ahead of mine, which isn't surprising... as I live in Siberia [aka Fenland]..


...and so does nutcutlet...

If it is a shrub rather than ground plant, then I think I'd go along with the Ribes (must get an eye test soon )

Definitely Ribes sanguineum. Just trying to kill one that doesn't want to die!


Only expensive plants die landgirl. That daphne on the other ID thread for example

Paul Anderson
Ahh ok I was told it might be a ribes but didn't want any bias replies thanks peeps for your replies always very appreciated x

I agree with Ribes, but have to say that although it smells of foxes the bees LOVE it as it is an early flowering shrub.  Do think about keeping it if you are considering wildlife in your garden.  It can be kept under control with pruning after it flowers.  Good luck


Heather Michaels

Definitely Ribes sanguineum Paul, I have a couple in my garden, and quite large one too. It CAN be a bit of a grower thats true but also quite easy to keep under control and for the riot of beautiful pink blossom in early spring (mine is out already) I love mine. The leaves smell a bit but the blossom gives way to fruit (false blackcurrant I believe). I keep mine pruned back each autumn and don't have any trouble, so long as I don't keep rubbing my nose in the leaves!


I've got a white one called  'White Icicle' . Lovely thing. Also more inclined to flower before the leaves than by pink one so even more impressive


I love the smell of ribes - it reminds me of playing 'dens' among a row of these at junior school in Swansea.


Paul Anderson

Thanks everyone for your comments, I am learning so much more on the Gardeners World forum than anywhere else

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