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I divided a large Astrantia last Spring and planted the divisions in dappled shade.  They were in bright sunshine before and had grown enormous.  They were the white ones, very tall and vigorous. I obviously didn't do the right thing with the moving and planting as they promptly wilted and looked so ill that I chopped them to ground level and no sign of them yet.

However, something has grown in the hole which it left...and I don't know what it is.  I didn't plant anything there and had just left a gap.  Whatever this is it seems to be coming up quite strongly.  Does anyone know what it is?  Is it a weed?

What you see here is about 6 inches high just now and has spread a foot wide.




It's a bit small on my tiny screen and I can't make it bigger. I'll have a look on the PC tomorrow if nobody had IDd it by then


@yarrow2, i dont know what your plant is, but they definitely dont like astrantia leaves to me.



It looks a bit like one of those low growing campanulas. I still can't enlarge the pic but the screen's bigger on the PC

Nothing definite, sorry



nutcutlet - you genius!  You are absolutely right.  I had completely forgotten.  A neighbour threw it over the fence late last year as it was a tiny poor sickly looking thing and only about 3" wide which hadn't grown at all.   I put it in there thinking it would never take as I've had little campanula in the past and they've never ever grown in this garden.  No matter where I had previously put them they rotted away each time. I wonder if this means it might stay the course this time.  Will be interesting to see...although maybe I will have foliage and no flowers.  That happens to me quite a lot with putting plants in the wrong spot sometimes.  Thank you.  I would never have remembered.

BUT this morning I think I have discovered one of the Astrantia Major divisions which has indeed come up.  Should be in this pic.

Thanks as well franco...the previous post photo of the little mystery clump we now know were certainly not Astrantia.  I have before also mistaken Astrantia shoots for geraniums.  I seem to have lost the knack of recognition these days can't seem to remember where so many things are in this garden now and I'm sure in the last couple of weeks I've dug up shoots of all kinds assuming they are weeds when now I'm thinking I ought to have left things another month to be certain.  Ah well.  I used to write things down when I had the time to plan a bit better but last year's constant rain dampened the enthusiasm well before a couple of hot weeks set in.  Excuses, excuses! 





Yes, that's the astrantia.

The campanula has taken this time


Thanks nutcutlet.   In the past my efforts with campanula have only see very few flowers and then everything was either eaten or rotted away.  Yes, it does look a healthy little clump at the moment so I'm hopeful...although I'm not sure if they tend to be spring only bloomers or if they will go through summer.  Can't wait to see what happens next.


That sort are spring bloomers yarrow - looks like you have flower buds already 


Hi Nut, I now have astrantia seedlings. Thanks


That's good to hear Gardenmaiden



Thought I should show them in their glory!




Oh lovely, Bamboogie.  Mine are still just a small rosette of leaves.  They are new - bare root early spring.  Do you think they are just settling in? Do they normally take a while to establish?


They're not quick Snoodle.



Oh yes. Slow but reliable


Hi I'm new to this forum, so hope I follow protocol correctly here. I have bought astrantia plants three times and each time they have died away without trace! They are supposed to be suited to the bit of garden I put them in...partly shady and moist with humus rich soil. I really love them, and have bought some seeds to start all over again. I thought slugs or snails or woodlice must have eaten them but apparently they're good for planting with hostas as astrantias are hated by slugs. So any obvious things I'm not doing right and advice, would love to hear from you. Thanks


I find Astrantias quite slow to get going and don't plant them out until they' fill at least 1L pots, that's a couple of years from seed. 

They should do OK in your moist soil, the biggest problem here is dry (plenty of shade) and I'm a reluctant waterer. Though they like moist I don't think they like wet so wouldn't want to be over-watered

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