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The beginning of September I used Autumn lawn feed on my lawn because I was going on holiday and didn't want to forget to use it.  I am a bit worried that I may have used the feed too early, should I buy some more or leave things as they are, the lawn is looking good at the moment.  

 I bought 2 very large potmums from Aldi's which are full of lovely colour and so pleased I got a bargain and only wish I bought the yellow ones aswel. Will they die off in the frost, how can I look after them for next year.

I also have a Canarian palm which was really damaged by the bad weather last winter and of course I should have covered it.  It isn't dead but needs to be covered for winter do I do this now or wait until perhaps next month and what should I feed it on, I did use general flower and shrub ferterliser in the summer.  I have just taken some soil off the top and put some new compost in the pot for winter and will put some bubble wrap around the pot and fleece on the plant itself. 

Would be grateful for any advice.

regards Chris9


I wouldn't feed the lawn any more this year Chris - it'll be fine.   Raise the height you're cutting it now.

Some chrysanthemums are hardy and some not - I suggest that these may not be, so move them into a frost-free place over winter.  I would keep them just damp, and cut them hard back in the spring, but I know some people would advise differently.

No idea about palms but my instinct says not to wrap it up while the weather is so mild.

Someone with more palm knowledge will be along in a while I'm sure. 


Thanks Dove for the information, I will do a search regarding the palm, i have thought about bringing it inside but the pot is a bit big for my house.  It looks a bit sad after its winter outside but has some new leaves coming up in the centre but hasn't done much over the summer. I will need to know what to feed it on next year or over winter.

Thanks again.



Bumping this in case there's a Palm-ist about this evening 

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