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Could anybody advise me on shrubs/plants that I could plant underneath/around a Red Robin please?


Thank You!

Helleborus, alway good for winter, loads of varieties to choose from.

Hey dave and waterbutts I was going to suggest those two 

White tulips, white daffs.  Silver grey pulmonarias with pale blue flowers or white flowers, Pulmonaria blue ensign with brilliant blue flowers.  Brunneras....some very nice varieties for the spring, check them out.  White Arabis would look good there too. Or, at the other end of colour wheel, how about epimediums with wonderful red /purple flowers with foliage tInged red?  Or geranium phaem if shady or geranium Orion if there is enough sunlight would provide brilliant blue flowers all summer long.

Oh, next to or near get a dicentra spectabilis Alba in there.  Beautiful stunning white flowers in mid spring.  Luverly.   ESP if you could associate pale cream primroses around the dicentra too.  Look good enough to eat 


star gaze lily

Verdun your very knowledgeable on plants and the best place they like to be. I find it very helpful.  Many thanks

Thank you all so much for your ideas and comments!!


I'd echo the little native primulas Sarah and the white/creamy bulbs. It's the ideal time to get some of those in too! The wood anemones are also ideal for that kind of spot and ferns if you like them. 

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