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Morning peeps, my other half wants to have a go at some gardening, namely taking a cutting from an Apple tree that has been in his parents back garden for years. It's an eater but we don't know what type. I remember seeing something on the telly box a few years ago, where it was advised that one just takes a cutting. Is it that simple? Anyone done this with success? Any hints and tips hugely appreciated. Eg is now the right time of year? How long should the cutting be? Should it be taken from any particular part (ooop top of tree or closer to the base)? Pot it in the ground or in soil? Use rooting hormone? Thanking you muchlyx


Not that simple, if you want apples you need to graft it in on to some other root stock, (i think)


You can grow an apple tree from a cutting, but they are likely to grow very large and take a longer time to produce fruit.  

This is why apple trees are usually grafted onto an appropriate root stock - more info here  .  

If your OH wants to go down the grafting route this video may be helpful .

My OH wasn't interested in gardening when I got him - now he's growing garlic and is quite keen on sempervivums 



Thanks , Lyn, Dove. The youtube link is really helpful! Brill! We're gonna have a go! 


Hurrah!  You now have an Undergardener to be trained up 



how long did it take to train yours Dove? mine is pretty stubborn at times but I see it as a challenge! A bit like horse whispering!  let's call it 'man-whispering' !!


Mmmm, I've had him nearly 19 years now, but it's only since we moved to this garden a couple of years ago that he got really interested - the sempervivums are because I bought some and put them on the terrace where he can see them from his studio window - the garlic is because ........................ no idea really, but he does like mediterranean food 

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