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I've just made the transfer, too.  I have been using the BBC forums for years and will really miss them, so I'm glad to see so many familiar names here!

I've joined too, easier than I thought, now to look around...


Looks like we are all joining thick and fast would hate to lose contact with so many nice gardeners and friends I have made over the last few years,  have just watched the Concert on BBC2 for The Titanic had a few tears in my eyes when the personal memories were read out.



Good morning everyone, newbie here to the boards. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.


I'm here too and what a relief! Don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't found that everyone had made the switch over to here. 



Well over 30 of us have landed safely so far. And I notice that there have been nearly 20 postings to the Gardeners World board from 8 am until 10 am today, a lot busier than the BBC board - well, come to think of it, the Beeb board wouldn't have been open at all!!  But you know what I mean. 

Has anyone added extra to their public profile? Oooooh! I'll have to give that some careful thought. 


And hey, there is no 3 minute wait between postings! And I like the options at the top - Latest posts, hot threads, etc.. I think I am going to like it here. 

Alina W

The lack of a three minute rule - bliss!

I like it here as well, especially since so many old faces are here, too.

Shrinking Violet

Another refugee here - although I've changed my name.  Haven't posted a lot on the beeb for some time, so it will make little difference, I think.

This will take a bit of getting used to - but of all the sites srecommended, it seems to have the virtue of being more interactive (I hope).

Off now to do some serious gardening.  The sun is shining, and nature calls, as it were.

Alina W

Are you going to leave us guessing, Violet?

Who were you?

Shrinking Violet

Only small bit-part player on the beeb in recent times, Alina, but a regular reader.  I think I'll keep you guessing for now.


The beeb board is so quiet now even for a Sunday-shrinking violet give us a clue-oh and Goldilocks did you intend to use a 1 instead of a i ?-just being pedantic but .....

Alina W

You're unkind, Violet - I shall be wondering all day, now!


Geoff, Goldilocks was already taken. I was offered Goldilocks2, but really!!!!!!!


Hello everyone.  I wasn't much of a poster on the BBC boards but I did like to read through some of the helpful threads and there seems to be a few familiar names appearing here.  



Well I am glad that is cleared up -there is only one real Goldilocks the scientifis gardener in my eyes-we shall have to get used to Goldl1locks


Hi Lisa,

On this site you can tell that for every reply there may be 50 or more views, so I guess there will be lots of boarders like you - friends we just haven't met yet! 


hi, not sure if this is going to work


Not sure if what's going to work little-ann ?

Good to 'see' you by the way 

Like some others I'll probably lurk more than post.


hi Joan good to' hear' from you, i have just posted in the potting shed, all is explained there i think