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 Calendula, your piccie has motivated me to update my avatar. This rose is called Goldilocks. I could have fun changing it again - how about a cartoon image of the fairy story character? On second thoughts.....................

Lion S

Geoff, I did but don't get too exited. It's an image that I uploaded from the internet. I'm still not able to upload pictures from my camera.

I love this site and managed a few answers to queries, what is normal practice to us oldies is all new to the young ones, I hope I can keep helping.



What a lovely comment Frank! Glad you're happy  . I was afraid we might lose your wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention your sense of humour. Although we didn't communicate much directly on the other boards, I have browsed quite a few of your posts, and come across one or two old war stories! (or was it three?)

Hello Lorea not my war stories they were written for the Panto we once had years back tongue in cheek but probably a grain of truth in there somewhere. With long army service it is surprising what humorous events occur and I always saw the funny side of things, well you had to or sink. It is a good site glad I came and happy to meet so many good gardening virtual friends.




Hi everyone.  I was boozysuzy on the BBC site but decided a name change was in order - I'm not really so boozy these days!  Thanks to Gardeners' World for being so welcoming.

Home from home, there's even a weather thread. Recognised the chickens, Geoff, your identity was never going to be a secret for long.

Agree the smilies are a tab bit scary but good news about posting pics

Highland Jeannie

Hi folks, just arrived from the BBC site, can I come in??

Wow, I hadn't realised that I "virtually" knew so many posters - and they're all here. I hope that the "locals" on here are friendly with so many of us arriving en masse - we don't want to be cliquey!

It will take me a while to get used to this site, being somewhat technologically inept, however I did manage to add a geranium photo which I took a while ago. (Smugsmiley).

Cheers, Jean.


Hi Jeannie and welcome! We're all settling in here nicely and starting to find our way around. I'm sure the "locals" are friendly!

Jean you made it over and welcome. You will find it best to read along the top of the pages and clicking on to latest posts hot threads or newest topics. Down the left side there are discussions that are going on so it becomes quite easy to find what you want. You did better than me I have not tried to put a photo on yet not knowing how, some one will tell me.


Alina W

Frank, press "settings" at the top left of the page.

You will see your name next to an image with "edit" by it. Press edit and upload your picture, save and there you are.

Tee Gee
Frank; was the panto named " It ain't half hot mum"

Tee Gee, could well have been two years in the desert followed by long winters on Luneberg  and I left my great coat in the desert!!!



Zoomer-are you actually now going to post some pics?

Jeannie and Auld Alliance-'tis a welcome from me too

and it is 7.17 and I can post!!!

Good morning TDC. Just got back from work, horrid wind's dropped and - gasp! - the sun is shining. Lots of stuff to do in the greenhouse.



Just come in from outside-the chicken run is like a quagmire-I know we needed rain but not all in one big go-coffee time and back to bed


Good morning everyone  I am hoping we won't get too many showers today - lots of planting to do ! I will be sowing my Sunflowers and Morning Glories today!

Pam x


Hello there. I think I may have killed the Gardening mb. I landed on it three weeks ago and may have had weedkiller on my boots. Sorry. )-:  I'll be more careful here.



Oh my God FloBear, that explains it!!!


Hi FloBear-nice name-how come?