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Could anyone tell me how to get Begonia Tubers started other than using Dynamite.I know i'm a little late.

Orchid Lady
Hi Graham, I have grown Begonias for corms (that is what they are not tubers - I'm not being pedantic but no doubt someone would correct you, as they did me when I posted exactly the same as you ) for the first time this year, there is a thread I started somewhere on here. I planted them with the concave part facing upwards just below the soil, literally with only a small covering, then left them in my GH. They did take a while to start shooting leaves, but it was colder than it is now so they may come up quicker.

Mine are ready to pot on now and when I work out which are the hanging basket ones and which are the border ones (I muddled them up!) I will put them in pots.

I hope this helps a bit, I'm new to all this too and no doubt someone will be along soon to give more advice

I soak them in warm water for 10 mins (use your own intuition - if it looks dry, then soak it). I then place in a pot, cover with compost so that the top is just under the soil, soak with warm water and leave somewhere warm and light place (windowsill, GH etc). Should see growth quite quickly.


Snap Orchid Lady!

Orchid Lady
I beat you Blairs.....I can't actually believe I now have enough knowledge to give a bit of advice


Thanks Orchid Lady,I stand corrected.I'm fairly new to this game,I did'nt know there was a difference between a corm and a tuber.I thought it was another name.I did try what you said earlier in the spring but nothing happened,then after a few weeks i took them out[That's me,No patience]I'll try again.Is it too late now?

Orchid Lady
Ha ha Graham.....I have no patience either, I have had to learn it!! I had 2 posts on Begonias, I didn't have a clue about them - I was so confused with the annual type or corm type, it seems annuals can produce corms but that's far too complicated for me!! I had never even heard of corms, only bulbs and tubers so you can imagine my confusion.

The help and support on here has taught me so much in such a short space of time. I love Begonias and have always wanted to grow them but wasn't brave enough, I didn't even think I would manage it after all the advice I got Having said that, they haven't flowered yet so still time to mess up! I'll try and bump up my thread.

Thanks for all your help Orchard Lady,my main gardening love is roses and i have about a dozen David Austin roses which are all in bud now so i'm looking forward to those,but these Begonias flowered last year[The first year i had them and they were a lovely orange colour so i hope they perform again,Now where's that dynamite.I'll have a look at both those previous threads of yours. 

Orchard Lady,I've just had a look at your 2 Threads,Crimey,you do get some replies don't you.It must be nice to be popular.I think i had those CORMS,I remember,free last year from,possibly J Parkers because thats where i get most of my stuff from.Most of my garden is either freebies or special offers.

For Graham.   My elderly neighbour is no gardener at all, but she does admire my garden, she often asks where I get all my plants from but explaining about self seeds propagating etc leaves her cold. We all love some thing for nothing or next to nothing.

Orchid Lady

LOL Graham, I'm not popular it's just the people in here that are so friendly and helpful 

Ive git quite a lot of my plants free from GW Magazine offers or cheap on the offer table at my local GC, I love a bargain 

David K

Probably a tad late now, but based on experience, I would be careful when buying those begonia corms sold loose in garden centres, especially if a specific colour is important to your plans. Many times I've seen people picking them over and those they decide to reject are just thrown back into any of the boxes....thus the colours are mixed-up.

 Totally unconnected, but also don't buy bread rolls etc on open display in supermarkets..... the times I've seen people sneeze over them!!!

I'll get me coat!

Orchid Lady

Urghh no, I never buy bread rolls that are loose David  I also get very cross at people that feel the need to prod and squeeze every piece of fruit/veg before they decide which one to buy and then throw the one they don't want back on the display for someone else to buy bruised products.....which is why I wanted to grow my own 

I did wonder about the Begonias, but I couldn't decide which colours to get anyway so as long as I don't have 2 colours the same I don't mind if they aren't what I thought they were.  This year was really a trial with a few to see if I could do it 

I put my begonias from last year in a bucket with a layer of damp compost underneath and a plastic shower cap over it, in the polytunnel and they are starting to grow leaves.


Orchid Lady

Shower cap, what a fab idea, you should out that on the reuse/recycling thread I started earlier today 

I left my begonias in their compost from last year and let it dry out completely in the greenhouse (no heat) about 6 weeks ago shoots started to appear so I lightly forked over the surface of the pots and watered with a solution of phostrogen (are you allowed to advertise here?) the plants are now about 6"tall. Four weeks ago a friend gave me 10 corms that were a free gift, won't say where from. Each one was potted into a 6"pot of compost, I fill the pot to about 3/4" from the top, then make a hollow in the top of the compost and lightly press the corm in, half the depth of the corm, then water; most of these corms have now got shoots on 1/4 - 1/2" long. remember the hollow side of the corm is uppermost.

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