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hi iwas just wondering if bluebells are edible, as i was wanting to chrystalize them and  use them as a decoration for my wedding cake.

many thanks


It doesn't say anything about picking the flowers being forbidden and I doubt that she wants to put bulbs on her wedding cake, but as all parts of the plants are poisonous I wouldn't recommend using the flowers either.


I think you can get a spell in Holloway for poisoning


Aha, quite right, I though you meant for stealing the bluebells!



Definitely a bad idea!! Make some with blue icing maybe?

flowering rose

No!they are not edible they are or were use for dyes,hyacinths are poisonous even to touch,daffs or tulips,oh please get a book on what is edible .I don't want to see you in emergency ,most things are not edible(flower bulbs) and those that are you have to be sure about.not even for icing.please bluebells the native variety are protected and must not be picked and the others are for decoration.


How about using blue violas (mini pansies)? They are on sale now and although not completely blue (they usually have a coloured "face" in the middle) they are very pretty and definitely not poisonous.

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