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At the moment, we have blackbirds tearing our lawn to shreds presumably to get bugs (leather jackets?) that are under the grass. The mess is unbelievable but it doesn't seem to be happening to our neighbours lawns. Is there anything we can do to stop it as it looks like our lawn needs re-seeding or re-turfing? It's only part of the lawn that this happens to but it is totally ruined by the look of it. As a matter of interest, we had moles last summer which we've managed to get rid of at last. HELP

Yes I'm sure the problem is leatherjackets ...chafers too.  There was a lawn grub killer, now banned, that eradicated them.  Nematodes can be used next year for them. 

I would, when a little drier, rake your lawn pretty vigorously and re-seed. 

The birds are going for the grubs but also, probably, for the thatch, etc., for their nests.  

A good routine would be an autumn rake and spike following a late summer application of nematodes

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