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That looks to me like elder (Sambucus) that has been coppiced and what you have there is one year old growth. 


Can we have an in focus pic of leaves with a bit of stem? I'm thinking either elder or buddleja.

Looking at the bending bits, I'd go for Elder



Elder smells horrible Paul, scrape a bit or rub the leaves and see what it smells like


Paul Anderson

I thought perhaps a spiraea but I just didn't know. It is 100 not a buddleija and i doubt an elder as I know both of them and the sambucus comes out in purple leaves (I thought) so I really do know what it is......oh I wish I could have one of you experts come along to view it and tell me  I tried to get close with my Iphone but it just will not take a close up with good images....its very frustrating....

Paul Anderson

Ok nutcutlet I will try that but I can usually identify elder


My elder is the wild sort and the leaves are much more advanced than that already.

Could it be a syringa? 


They don't look like elder leaves emerging to me Fidget.

Ryan, there's Syringa vulgaris etc which I know as lilacs 

Then there's syringa, which is what some people call philadelphus.

If you mean philadelphus I think it's a possibility


Paul Anderson

No its not Philadelphus either nutcutlet as I have seen many of them and its not it...ah its annoying


Those leaves will be opening any day now and we can have another photo

Paul Anderson

Ok great, I will take another photo Nutcutlet  

It is elder, no doubt in my mind cut one of the stems, if it's hollow then it's elder. Philadelphus is in my opinion is out of the question, the stems aren't like that.

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