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Lulu The Lurcher

What do you all use on the top of canes to stop you poking out your eyes?


Sometimes I dab a bit of white paint on the top; you could try ping-pong balls

I stick a small pot on the end of the cane but a small coke bottle also does the trick, I dispensed with canes for the Tomato's and use strings from the green house roof, much safer where there are youngsters and better for support as you wrap the plant around the string as it grows.



I have the terracotta ones in the shape of owls - i treat myself to a couple more every time i go to Hampton Court Show as he does them at a special price (50p each i think )

This is our first year of using string from GH ceiling for toms and cucumbers - Beechgrove has a lot to answer for!!
Kathy 2

I use old wine corks - cava ( or champagne ) ones are better as they are fatter and easier to drill into to make the hole for the cane. 


LuLu - I think you have posted this thread twice by accident


I may save a couple of dozen champagne corks, I think.

Chrissy the gardener

I use very small terracotta pots on mine, you can get coloured plastic cane caps from your garden centre.

I string my tomatoes in the greenhouse also, don't forget when planting your toms plant them sitting on the string as this weighs the string down and keeps it in place. This method has not failed me in 15 years of doing it this way.


I use dead snail shells. I like to think those still alive might take it as a warning!


If I've bought any plug plants in polystyrene trays, I break them up and stick  bits of the polystyrene on the end of the canes. But mostly I end up with a scratched face!


lilamber; what a brilliant idea; like the gamekeepers used to hang dead weasels etc on a fence as a warning to other animals.

Can anyone tell me how do you fasten the string to the greenhouse roof? I have a Halls Silverline lean-to g/h and as far as I can see it has nothing to which I can fasten string.



Art, you could put a tall cane either end and tie a string accross the two, then bring your strings down to under the plants,


I got ten toppers for a quid today at a local store B&M but I'm sure other places have them just as cheap.  

Steve 309

Not sure the cane-at-each-end idea will work, Lyn (unless you know better of course) as the downward force on the string will pull the their tops inwards.  What if you built a little framework so you have a horizontal cane high up, and tie the strings to that?

Or find somewhere at the ends of the greenhouse to drill a hole in the structure?

I use old Vit bottles, medicine bottles and bought plastic tops.

This is a serious issue and not to top your canes is foolish.


I use the childrens empty fruit drink bottles and also the little  yogurt drink bottles

Pam LL x