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I have had carrot fly damage for 2 years in one of my carrot growing containers (I have heavy clay soil unsuitable for carrots). It is a mix of compost and sand which has been very successful. Will i have to empty it all out and start with fresh (quite a lot to replace) or is there another solution?

The other container about 100 feet away from theinfected one has as yet not been a problem

I can't answer your question but I am bumping this because I have grown carrots very successfully in tyres this year and want to know if I should change compost to prevent carrot fly! Hope someone can help.

Simply add,a cover of fleece,and keep your carrots covered during the growing season.

I would remove top couple of inches and add some decent compost.  Prior to seed sowing I would scatter fish blood and bond too Jules.

Outdoor Girl, I would do as I've suggested for Jules.  Mind you, next autumn ...after 3 years......I would,change soil to greater depth.

Thank you Verdun. Interested to know why the blood fish and bone?

I just think its the best organic fertiliser.  And better than pelleted chicken manure, for example, as it's a fine grade granule form and won't affect carrots' roots etc.


Thank you! I thought you might say that - replacing all the compost is sooo expensive!

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