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i hear all the benefits of using coco coir compressed bricks or bales,   i read that its cheaper, easier to stote and although has very little if no nutritional value it holds onto it very well, so i thought i would try it, after all its cheaper than compost...


well the problem is that you can go into asda, tesco, wilko, B and Q aswell as many garden centres and buy 70L  of compost for between 4 and 5 pounds,   but when i look for the coco coir  i am findind that i am looking at paying around £14  for what ends up being 60 to 70L of fully rehydrated coco coir.


am i looking in the wrong places, can anyone find this cheaper, or can anyone tell me if it is worth the extra money,     many thanks


Seems to me it's not cheaper after all. I've never used it though.

thanks steephill,   will check them out now...

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