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I planted an apple tree in a large pot early last year, we had a few branches and leaves last summer but no flowers or fruit!

This year we have a really good branch structure but again no flowers or apples, should I now prune? And, how?



What variety is it Charlie?

I cant find the paperwork! But, it is an eater and red and I chose it because it thrives in a pot!


I have an apple plant in a pot that has been growing since last year. It has grown tall now about 15 inches but doesn't have any branches. The leaves at the bottom are green but the top ones are turning red and dry. I have decided to chop off the plant from the top to get some branches and green leaves. I have also added lemon peels in the soil since excess salt could have been an issue. Please suggest what else can I do to cure and save my apple plant?


did you buy the tree in the pot? Did it say how old it was or what variety it was?



I germinated the seed myself. It was the pinkish red variety that we eat at home...can be Fuji but I am not sure.




Ah, right. Firstly, fruit pips don't produce fruit that looks the same as the fruit they came from. Pips are like children, they look like both their parents.

Secondly, like children some are strong and healthy and some suffer from illnesses. Your seedling might just be one that isn't naturally strong. Or it may be that the country its parent came from is hot and it has taken that characteristic, of needing a special climate, from its parents.

Thirdly, fruit trees that you see for sale are never simply one tree. They are made up of two parts, grafted together. the top part is the equivalent of your seedling. The lower part is called a rootstock and it governs the size and vigour of the finished tree. Your seedling had no rootstock part and its roots may just be too weak to support it for very long.

Fourthly, I have never heard of lemon peel and salty soil. It sounds more like magic than gardening.


I have read about grafting on the net and how it is needed to get stronger healthier fruit varieties and so on but at the moment I am expecting it not to dry itself out. Also I read online that adding lemon peel compost to soil is good for apple plant as it helps them take potassium in case the soil has salt in it. All scientific no magic here . Anyway, I can only wait and see if the leaves stop turning red first. I'm not worried about fruits right now.

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