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I've planted out my dwarf cosmos and they seem to be doing well.  But I didn't pinch the growing shoots out. Should I have done that, and should I do it now?  I've never grown these and it didn't cross my mind!  Thanks, Mags


Some people do, and some people dont. If you do you will probably get more branching and more flowers, so I do.


I do too, and pick the buds off until you have a good sized plant.

Me too.  It doesn't really delay flowering that much.  Plus, for me cosmos get very tall amd even need staking.  I will still pinch out for another week to,produce lots of flowerimg....amd sturdy.....stems 

That's 3 of you say to pinch out so I'm sure that's the best advice. That's what I will do today then. Thanks, Mags

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