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sorry about the 'angle' of the photo (!) but how do I stop my courgettes from being all bulbous at one end and skinny at the other? I had a lot of this last year and was advised to water regularly which I've done but it still looks like it's happening. 

 Also, I seem to get a lot of flowers on stalks and fewer courgettes - is there a reason for this and is there a method of getting more of the flowers that develop into courgettes? Thanks muchly.

Have you been hand pollenating? ( sorry- cant spell).

If you have the courgettes planted in a good deep manured bed (or on top of your compost heap ) you shouldn;t need to worry.  They take a little while to adapt once you transplant them but given a good heap of s***t, they will romp away

You shouldn't need to worry about hand pollinating......I've never heard of that for Courgettes........for many Courgettes grown in the UK, July is probably the month they will take off.......I'd only panic if you get beyond that and still don't have Courgettes to pick


With the strap line had to take a look.  Thanks for making me smile


Try growing the round ones instead



They will be fine once they are in the ground, they spread to about 4ft in all directions and will be loaded with lovely ones later on, nice lot of muck around them and they will romp away.

I had 4 plants last year, 2 would have done as they filled an 8 x 8 bed.








4 plants last year and had a freezer full of ghem, besides dinners and grated in cakes.



I hope you're not picking them when they look like the photo?

because they're about a week or so away from being actually ready to pick, if you leave them they'll bulk out at the other end.

Ive always hand pollinated, as it was an issue at my allotment (dunno why i bother dont like em much!) Had loads of flowers dropping off, also had a plague of pollen beetles!
Steve 309
...and don't forget that about half the flowers will be male ones, so haven't a snowball's of producing fruit!

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