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Acesome - In that case I suggest that you buy the magazine rather than using the website 


I think some people you just cannot help


There are adds on this forum and every other forum I've been on except the old BBC forums which are now defunct.

If you can concentrate enough to read messages on the forum and ignore the adds at the side it's surely possible to ignore ads on a video.

Advertising is what makes it possible to run forums at no charge to the subscribers.  You get ads on You Tube videos too.  Maybe time to grow up and stop having tantrums.



If the adverts are that much of an issue then an adblocker will sort it out (I downloaded the one Geoff suggested a while back because the way the ad unfolded over the forum made it difficult to use). I'm glad I did too as it has cleaned up other sites I visit.

Still the OP seems to be having some problems understanding that this site and the magazine have nothing to do with the Beeb.


Berghill - i hate the thought of you feeling left out! I think it is the 'project' videos that are being spoken of. Just put videos in the search box at the top 

The ads on the videos only last about 13 seconds and are on most websites like this, and as Obelixx states, help pay for the website.



Right, just shows how used to Dialup I am, instead of BB. I never download Videos as they used to take so long to  do. Ta muchly.

Shrinking Violet

I ignore ads that are of no interest to me.  I don't see that as a problem.

(Please tell me that this thread isn't a wind-up, Grid style!)


I wondered about a wind up as well, SV. It seemed an awful lot of fuss when the poster could just choose not to use the forum!!

Probably best to let it slide to the bottom of the pile now.

Lilygirl wrote (see)

I too wish to delete my details from this site and can find no way of doing it?

Well seeing as you use of the forum is minimal-does it matter-or is this wind-up number 2?


Is this for real?????

Lilygirl wrote (see)

I am new to this site and mostly just finding my way around, reading posts etc Ernie.

II dont understand why these odd comments are addressed to me? I thought my email address was public and wanted to delete that, I still do!

Your e-mail address is not public-can you see mine?

You can't delete your e-mail address -it is needed to sign on-but no-one on the forum can see it

The opening post was about completely deleting an account on here which you can't do-hence the phrase don't use it then -but wouldn't listen to reason

I still don't understand what you are trying to do-but can't-perhaps you could explain?



Lilygirl, Is it because you want to stop getting email alerts to threads you've posted on?  If you don't wish for an email to be sent to you, when you post on a thread scroll down to the bottom and untick the box on the bottom left, then you won't get sent an email when someone else posts on it. 

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