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I thought I had better remind you good folks that the clocks went back last night.  it was so good to have that extra hour in bed


Is it time for lunch, yet?




Salad sandwich for brekkie here.


Nice try Verdun - practising for 1st April next week ?

chicky wrote (see)

Nice try Verdun - practising for 1st April next week ?

Chicky, I think the best one Verdun did was when he told someone vine weevil were large and had strong teeth.



We'll need to keep our wits about us on Tuesday

Didn't mind the clocks changing today as being mothers day got my breakfast and prezzies early! Now looking forward to lunch-oh well such is life!

Enjoy the day all you mums out there-we deserve it.

Ha ha KEF.  I recall that person....remaining nameless.......believed me 


Verdun; for your birthday you are going to get a long weight and a bucket of steam

I forgot until i got to my mums at the wrong time!! She saw the funny side tho : )



I remember once turning up at my ex wife's house to collect our daughter for swimming lesson. She opened the door glaring at me :" I know I'm 5 minutes late, sorry"    "you're an hour early " she said.     " the clocks went forward last night" "oops". Every year I remember it.


I put the clocks forward before I went to bed including my phone, which then proceded to put itself forward an hour again at 2am - hence I was up at old time 5.30, instead of 7.30 new time (old time 6.30) if you follow, I lost 2 hours not one! 

Off to bed now  

Might try the same trick when the  clocks go back and get 2 hours extra lie in! 

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