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don't waste my time plant!

What plants do you battle with each year and perserve with instead of letting go?

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Moved into a house with a garden that has been loved, but had been left to run for a while and for the past year I've been trying to control the lovely but rampant plants -  Shasta daisies, Michaela daisies, wild geranium (can't remember the proper name) and so on ...   So the new things I pop in have to look after themselves against the strong and the thuggish and I haven't yet had to decide. But I'm hoping the lavender I planted around roses will flourish, the bees loved it last year.


Verdun - will do! Tks


Cucumbers.........'nuff said

Woodgreen wonderboy

Emma, anything that regularly succumbs to the dreaded blight... toms and pots. By the way I did do quite well with Zeina cucumbers, they are the small ones.


been trying to grow them for at least five years. Got one cucumber last year. One. 



My problem is I hate throwing good plants away. My neighbours have lots of my plants (some additional windbreaks  ). I want to move/bin some larger Lavender as well. It does little and takes up space. I can never smell it in summer unless I stand on it.


I love the little lavender hedge that was in my front when I moved here. 4 yrs ago. It would be big and woody now, but I hack it back hard after flowering, and give it a general feed to say sorry! It is against my house wall which is SE facing, on really poor soil and I use it lots in my bath and for bath bombs, sprigs in my bedroom, and sachets in my drawers and wardrobes. Bees and butterflies love it too.

However, this year I am removing almost all of the plants that my ex planted, starting in my little seating area. I know he meant well, but none are plants that Ilike and are too 'sprawly', gangly, or  yellow formy taste! The hostas that make the border have got too big and harbour snails, the saponaria sprawls too much!  Hemerocallis are as described, day lilies. For the amount of space the plants use, they don,t earn their keep, and smother the good stuff. I want to turn these beds into a year round, sensory, cutting flower garden that I can watch the wildlife in whilst I sit to contemplate my next decision. So, all coming out to start again with yr round plants and bulbs. All must have a use whether to attract pollinaters and predators, smell good, or be nice to cut for the house. Edible and deterring pests (close to fruit and veg and GH) is a bonus. Sterting with that little area, I want most plants in my garden to have a use. I'll allow just looking good as a use as long as it providdes winter interest!

I am going to pot up everything I remove. Some to go to the school, some to sa local care home, and I hope to sell some for charity. Can' t chuck em on the heap even if I hate em!

Gardenjeannie, it's exciting tho isn't it?  

Plants  need to earn their keep......if they don't plant something else 

Re lavendar, I grow a dainty variegated one.  Lovely but as a hedge would prob not survive.  Think it a but tender.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

There's something very satisfying in stripping it all out and starting afresh with new ideas.

Last year I made the decision to chop down the apple tree.  I'd been thinking about it for a long time as it was in the wrong place, too near the oak trees & never produced much fruit.


My french lavender is in bud. Its so mild the  Rudbeckia is still in flower with buds from

last years planting.

Jess is in the Garden

Tomatoes - too wet, too cold, not enough sun, no greenhouse - grrrr.

Oh, and bloody snowdrops!  Second year in a row I've had no luck, after spending hours on hands and knees planting bulbs in Autumn argh!

Rant over.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Jess, buy some snowdrops " in the green" over the next 4 to 6 weeks and plant them. Keep moist during first year and you will be OK.... bulbs are often problematic .

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