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Wintersong wrote (see)

Why oh why did I build my veg plot at the end of my garden? 

Now you mention it, why do we put them at the bottom of the garden? I don't know anyone who's done the sensible thing and put it by the kitchen door.

I've found it very tedious getting home from work, and wandering round the garden with glass of wine in hand.

Though, and only a gardener would say this, I'm worried that my water butts will run out if we don't get any rain 


Pennine Petal wrote (see)

Or tell men that walking along the street with their shirts off is not a good look, particularly if they have a belly hanging over the belt.

Now THAT is probably the ONE thing I hate about hot weather!

oh no...theyve forecast another hot sunny day tomorrow


Tell them to keep the heating on next week down there, Verdun! 


I got so excited, I booked a couple of days off work to get some serious work done on the garden - it's drizzled here all morning! 

I'm Nottingham way....bit of greenhouse pottering instead I think 


The potty gardener

Well I'm loving this warm spell.....except I have had to stay in all day today as I cooked rather too much yesterday


I'm still waiting. Sunny came today. No sign of hot

Gardening Grandma

The worst thing about this hot, dry weather is the way it makes me lie in the shade and read instead of enjoying cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing. Don't know how long I can stand the stress! Also, there is the effort of picking up the watering can when I could be enjoying pushing around the vacuum cleaner.

The potty gardener

Ohh I feelso sorry for you GG. The house does get neglected when it's nice. Come to think of it mine gets neglected all winter as well

GG, try if you can to keep resting a little while longer in the shade.

we all know how difficult it is....i try to stay out in the sun and it is just as stressful.  theres so much work to do and that watering can is mightily heavy.

and today.....just as stressful.  hit 25 I think.  sun from morn til night.  and they say its continuing tomorrow and sunday....hooray!, I mean drat and curses of course



You can do housework outside, I vacuumed my garden shed with the handheld thing yesterday, well at least got cobwebs from behind the wire on the window.

Drat & curses Verdon, I've had to sit under the brolly this aft" with a cold drink.

Shame I had to go indoors and slave over a hot cooker for 5 mins, pasta & salad.

What's going to happen tomorrow if it's still warm? My treat on a Saturday night is curry ( home made via Loyd Grossman   not too much salt in his ) I will get withdrawal symptoms without one.


I had to slave over a microwave reheating last night's lefties for my dinner, then had to reach into the fridge for a yogurt- and open it by myself too. How do you think I feel?? I may only be 27 but it's a struggle....

I did housework on Wednesday when the heavens opened so I don't feel guilty doing none today! Apart from the necessary stuff anyway.

My garden thermometer said 28 degrees today  Don't think that was right - it's on a fence which was baking in the sun so I think it was overheated- like me! 





Jess is in the Garden

Verdun - have you completely taken leave of your senses?!

It's ok - rain forecast for next week


Drat and Curses?  Has this forum suddenly morphed into the DangerMouse Appreciation Society whilst my back's been turned?  Has Verdun turned into Baron Greenback?  Is FairyGirl Penfold?  Who exactly is DangerMouse?  And when will I stop sounding like David Jason in my head?

Tune in next week for the next exciting episode of Gardeners World Forums......

i think your're all as daft as me....its scary


It's gone on too long today my legs saw daylight, men in shorts brilliant white legs not good but it has to be done. yer right verdun :0)


Not good, not good....

I adopted the Glastonbury look yesterday - shorts and wellies - to cut the lawn. Kate Moss looks so good in hers - wish the same applied to me....So bad that the cat did a runner at the sight of my white legs emerging from their winter crysallis 


...I've got the heating on...