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Hello I have sucesssfully grown echinacea plants from seed this year. They are now between 8 and 12 inches tall and some are flowering. I have left them in pots in  our polytunnel. When should I plant them into my garden which overlooks the Solway Firth/ Irish Sea and can be pretty windy.


I'd leave it til spring. I asked this question last year and was advised to do that. I|t survived. First echinacea to survive 2 years for me.

Hiya elaine

The big thing with echinaceas is not to let  them flower in their first year.  Let them develop really good root systems first.  Pot them Imto bigger pots in early spring then plant out as good size plants in mid to late spring.  Dig a generous plantImg hole and incorporate compost, dried manure, etc.   Dont  allow flowers to develop until after mid summer.  Then let them flower.  Oh!  Give them a feed of organic fertiliser when you plant them out and dont let them dry out in summer


Hmm.  I posted a reply today but not on thread.

I,love echinaceas amd grow several.  They are best not flowering in their first year.  They need to build up a good root system first.  So,Elaine, I would keep in the GH over winter then pot into bigger pots early in spring.  Then plant out in mid to late spring.  Put generous amount of compost, dried manure, etc plus organic fertiliser in planting hole/mix.  Don't  allow to flower before mid summer....remove flower stems.  After that let them flower

That's odd....two entries now. 

hollie hock

I find them tricky plants until they are established and they take a while to do that.  Sounds like you've got some good healthy plants. Last years plants have put on a great show this year here

I have one remaining alive plant from seeds sown earlier this year and it's tiny but I will be keeping it in my cold frames over winter



I think I read that they are best kept growing in pots until they are a good size before planting out.

As long as you keep feeding them. They need to keep growing in spring n summer

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