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You could be right SD. There are so many tools available and it could be helpful if there was a bit advice about using them safely. I know women who won't cut the grass. I say to them 'but you can use the hoover- it's just the same but outside! '. They  think a lawnmower's some mysterious machine that only men can operate.

Only problem is, the audience might be a bit small for a programme devoted entirely to that!

Stacey Docherty

My husband mows the lawn it's "his" job not because I can't or won't just because if I did he wouldn't bother!! I service the lawn mower in the autumn... I remove the blades and sharpen them, empty the oil tank and clean the filters... I agree with you though these tools are solto with little instruction and they are after all very dangerous... 


OH usually mows our lawn 'cos he likes to be helpful but I maintain the mower.  He does not use the strimmer, I chose it, I use it, I fiddle with it and get the strings to run properly and replace the reels when  needed.  I can use carpentry tools and make my own painting stretchers and frames.  When I had a smallholding I used and maintained our Fergie tractor and the Acrobat hay turner, hay cutter and other equipment.  

I can't think of any reasonably experienced gardener that I know, male or female, who has not become fairly proficient at using and maintaining most of their gardening tools and equipment.  If we don't have the knowledge already and the manuals aren't to hand, we use Google or ask a friend.  

There are idiots, male and female', who operate hover mowers while wearing sandals and who use heavy duty brushcutters without using goggles, but they're not the sort who watch gardening programmes showing you how to do things safely, 'cos they already know   You can find them in A&E on Sunday afternoons

Watched my neighbour (male) once mowing his lawn with an electric mower. Said to him over the fence "mind the cable it's.........." Bang!

waterbutts wrote (see)

Watched my neighbour (male) once mowing his lawn with an electric mower. Said to him over the fence "mind the cable it's.........." Bang!

My mum was never allowed to use the mower because she was always doing that!



I have my lawnmower serviced every year by a local company for two reasons

first being they are a dying breed and I like to support them

also the second reason is when the spring time comes I know my machine is in good condition and should start first time every time.It only costs around £40.00 for a interim service and a full service (every two to three years £80.00 where the carburettor is stripped down for cleaning also a full oil change.

I use to let a friend borrow it when they moved into a rented house with a big big grassed area, one time they returned it and the mower had expired they over worked it. But when it came to buying a new lawnmower they rejected my plea for a new one. Don’t lean any tools out as they may come back broken.


FG, did your mum ever then go and pick up the live cable and have a good look at it from all angles? Men eh?

Dont want to offend SD but a TV program dedicated to tools and maintenance of them would be very dull, i cant imagine many people tuning in to watch that.

If someone needs advice on how to do it youtube has everything anyone should ever need, and to pre-empt anyone saying not everyone uses a computer, that is not a reason to create a program for the minority that dont.


singy - I used to enjoy watching Tool Time starring Tim Allen ....but that was an entirely different show! 

Very funny too 

wb- not sure about my Mum but she wasn't even happy switching on the tv let alone dealing with electrical cables! 

Does anyone remember Barry Bucknell? All those interminable programmes, in black and white, about putting up shelves? My dad used to sit transfixed by BB's skill with a bit of 2 x 4 while my mum and I rocked with laughter.


But you knew you could get him the book for christmas and he'd be happy, waterbutts.

He secondary glazed the whole house with some awful plastic strips that he'd seen BB use. They had to be welded together over the kitchen stove with a hot knife.Nearly killed us all with the fumes and the cutlery set was never the same again.


wb -that made me laugh...not because you were ill I hasten to add! I can just picture you all with the dodgy Uri Geller cutlery 

I've had a petrol mower for 15 years and never had it serviced. Works fine. Cheers!

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