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I want some !!  Might have to remind myself how to knit though ....

slight problem will be that there is only a limited universe of people who know me as Chicky, and the rest of the world might think i have taken leave of my senses.

love the holly berry ones too


Most of the world thinks I've taken leave of my senses chicky.

I've ordered some ladybirds and some smiley faces. I would have had some butterflies but they are just too anatomically inaccurate


I want the airoplane buttons! and possibly the cars and definitely the pencils.


I liked the pencils as well artjak but couldn't think what I'd put them on.

Might still send for some. I love pencils and paper even though  I can't draw


star gaze lily

How cute, I like the smiley faces, pencils, xmas ones, chicky and the cakes. But I expect Verdun would want the cakes  


I really like the blue elephant. I'll have a look in my wardrobe to see what I can cut the buttons off


Whenever I buy a cheap cardigan I always replace the buttons, but I would like the pencil ones on a rather too serious winter coat.


Are there any paint brushes artjaK


I didn't see any


Watering cans though, might get some of those next time

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