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  Some folk are so unkind. Wasn't overstruck on him either. When I look at some of the old films, I wonder how they ever made it to the top of their profession, or whatever you would call it.  Certain thoughts do cross my mind.

I still love watching 'Inn of Sixth Happiness' and cry everytime when they make it to the boat. Always hoped there was a true happy ending but, sadly, no.

Sorry, off topic.


'Love is a many splendoured thing'- heartbreaking at the end.. And my mum's favourite with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman- 'Random Harvest' .Hollywood hokum at its finest -but you cry right at the start and don't really stop! Great!!

We're really off topic now...

Need to go back outside and cut back some dead stuff now


I know we are off topic and Verdun can tick us off if he wishes.  I'm a sucker for weepies, which they don't make these days,  Now it's all guts, gore and sorry, sex I'd rather the camera pan out.

Must go and be more productive.  Looking decidedly nasty out there and temperature dropping. Joy.

Not at all Tina. We are still getting to know the people behind the names.
But fairy girl I am not Jonathan creek. I thought ou were breaking into song just then.
Just for Brumbull......I'll get my coat

New name for me from my Son, the "sunshine boy"?
Set off down the A1 yesterday with the car visor down as the sun was blinding, arrived in the Vale of York amid glorious sunshine and bitter cold wind. They said I had taken the sun with me as the party got under way and we sat in the beautiful sun warmed conservatory and spilled out into sun filled rooms. We saw the sun set over the Snow Capped Pennines and thought of Pennine Petal.
There was still some snow and a lot of water over the fields behind their house quite a bit of rubbish swept in by the floods they had but being on a hill they were OK.
Grandson and his Lovely Fiance' were happy with the Cheque I gave them so big hugs all round, the sound of happy voices 24 of them children grandchildren additions to the clan was soothing music to me, I did steer clear of nice lady twice widowed with a gleam in her eye, lonely on her own she said not if your family are as caring as mine you are not.
A drive home in the dark on fairly quiet Motorway and into bed tired but happy, does life get better I ask?




Frank/Dad- you realise I would have to vet her first anyway? Glad you had a nice time. Now it's back to 'porridge and auld claes' as my Mum used to say. Do I need to translate that for anyone?

Verdun- if you hum it......

Had my lunch -I know - I thought it was much later than that! Watching Nigel Slater..I like him 

Tina -know what you mean. SInging in the rain still my favourite of all time. 

Who needs Brad or Mr Clooney when you can have Gene...even if Lena Lamont has all the best lines!

Fairygirl/Daughter, you would love her, she is definitely one for our clan, mad as a hatter, a real party girl, what more could you ask??I eat my porridge every morning with fruit and the odd times for old times sake with salt, like it both ways. Old clothes are all I have, a wardrobe full of them, Daughter bags them up to bin, she says no charity would have them and I get them back out when she goes, you cannot garden in glad rags.
Marlene Dietrich "The Blue Angel"  songs Dancing in the dark, Night and Day, Thanks for the Memory and Alice blue gown. All of them Dad's favourite songs he bought the music and told me "Half a crown when you can play it" I made good money out of that old piano.


Ok palaisglide is now sunshine boy then!
Bet nobody else has spotted it.....I'm quick you see...but I think palaisglide and fairy girl are father and daughter. So, fairy girl, maybe I am Jonathan Creek after all !
Palaisglide, sounds like a wonderful day you had

my photo is the allotment i have taken over, and as you can see not too much work to do! my name is easy, a lorry driving scuba diver.

Steve the Gardening Vet

I did consider using my online nickname of 'Binky_2301' on here, derived a very long time ago from the name of the horse ridden by Death in the Terry Pratchett 'Discworld' books but decided to go with my real name.


My avatar is me at work, most of the ones my other half has taken of me gardening seem to be from behind and revealing too much underwear, though that may say as much about my gardening trousers as me.


I supposed I could have gone with a new nickname I aquired at work from a client's small daughter who, after I had vaccinated her cat, wonderfully randomly fixed me with a steely gaze and announced that I was 'Doctor Sausage'...

Driverdiver, drove a lot of trucks in my time largest to smallest, never had to wear Scuba gear not even driving DUKS, is there something I do not know??
Verdun it would not be too far off what I was called for the first 18 years of my life Sonny boy by all the villagers, never did find out why? If Fairygirl/daughter is my actual or virtual Daughter then all the odds must say I am male, no one ever denied that fact to my face so the jury is out on it.
Steve J if you go around sticking big needles in little girls pussy cats then she probably meant Dr Savage.
The film list, Gone with the wind, Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Holiday inn. Songs The last time I saw Paris, As time goes by, People will say we're in love. That last one cuddled up with a girl on the Streatham Locarno Dance floor, good memories all.



Verdun, Frank was very kind to me when I joined the forum, and as my Dad died a few years ago and I was looking for a surrogate,() I adopted Frank! We're not related except in this virtual world. Night and Day was my Mum's favourite and I have fond memories of my Dad singing 'Stormy Weather' as he worked although as a jazz musician, singing was not his thing unless it was Ella of course. Think Gone with the Wind was on today Dad! 

Steve-I assume you're a vet (you're not the only one who's quick Verdun!) otherwise that 'Dr.Sausage' could be seriously misconstrued  

Sorry fairy girl. But that's a really nice story. Lovely.
Music and certain songs do invoke memories.
I wrote a book for my niece about her mother who died 18 months after she was born. (She died 18 years ago tomorrow). Music....songs she very much part of who she was/is and along with photos is important in describing her so I understand your sentiments.

I miss my Dad a lot Verdun and we're quite alike. Miss my mum too of course and Mother's and Father's Day etc are still hard. My neice died just before her 1st birthday and we scattered some of my parents ashes at her grave. It means we have somewhere to go on those occasions and it's means a lot to me. Your book idea is lovely and you're right -these things are very important otherwise it's too easy to forget.When my Mum died I made one of those pictures with the different size 'windows' for Dad with  lots of pics of Mum including one from their wedding day and one from their golden wedding day. I have it with me and my Mum looks so lovely in all the photos. I'm very lucky/. I hope you have a good day tomorrow Verdun- it will have mixed emotions. I'll be thinking of you. 

Palaisglide, did you know I am saving up for a DUKW?  For the times my trusty rusty land rover can't quite make it through (It'll be OK, look, it's only halfway up that duck!)!

Steve J, my car was very nearly nicknamed Binky, despite it being seriously the wrong colour (its pillar box red), now it's called ChuggaBoom (from Wacky Races), as it's a diesel and sounds like it's chewing a bag of spanners.

Verdun, that's a really thoughtful thing to do.  I'm assuming it was your sister that you lost, and as such probably knew her really well - the good bits, and the bad bits that normally only your family and close friends get to see.  Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Normally like funny films, but one that I do like that no-one seems to have heard of is Cinema Paradiso.  Hard work as it's subtitled, but so worth it, always tear up at the end.

I have a very strange taste in music.  I love old songs like 'Dream a little dream' and 'Everytime you say goodbye', am a big Pink Floyd fan (was very upset at what scissor sisters did to 'comfortably numb', and have everything in my collection from Abba through to ZZ Top, via Iron Maiden and Level 42.  Very easy to annoy OH by putting on some cheesy 80's pop and yodelling away (I won't dignify it by calling it singing) as I'm cooking tea.  I do sound like a cat being put through a mangle whotsits first though, so I suppose he's got a point.


Fairy girl. My dad went missing so my sister....15 years my junior....became my "daughter". We were very close...still feel that loss today. Her daughter, my niece, says I am,her father and we too share that same closeness. She and I chose flowers today for her mum. It's so strange because she is so much like her mum which is lovely but how I wish I could see them both together right now. So I know a little how you must feel
Writing that book was great therapy for me but, hopefully, it will help my niece "know" her mother.
It's good you miss,your dad like that because it shows,how close you were. Likewise, I will be thinking of you tomorrow....mothers day...
I'm sure there are loads of people on this forum who will be thinking of you too fairy girl

Thank you Verdun. I suppose we all have sad stories somewhere don't we? All we can do is try and stay positive. I wonder if that's why gardening is so therapeutic -it gives us time to reflect and sort out our thoughts. I know it's often helped me and certainly is just now as the last couple of years have been difficult for other personal reasons. Your niece will have that book forever and it will bring a lot of comfort to her. She's very lucky to have such a good 'adopted dad'. Bless you Verd. 

Fairy girl. Yes I do feel gardening is therapeutic and you are prob right does help us through hard times.
Meanwhile, fairy girl, I gotta stir up some banter on the forum. Baaaad aint I ?

Mummy Muddy Paws DUKW's are four wheel drive, you can reduce tyre pressures and blow them up again whilst driving but they do have one big fault. We would land them and remove the plugs to drain the loading bay, the trick was to remember to put them back in again. I had a flotilla of DUKW's on a parade near Luton we did a fancy drive past then some bright spark said lets put them in the river, against my wishes I might say, so two of them went tootling off down a steep bank and splashed in promptly shipping water which did not help the water flooding in through the bung holes and down they went. They were RAOC drivers and crew so we REME had to get them out which meant me stripping off and diving down with the chains and hooks, it was November.
To say I was not happy would be stretching things and some things after that very cold water I thought would never stretch again, those lads got a real hell week.
A tip:- fasten a 40 gallon drum of fuel on the back if you go far like five miles.