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Some of the names of forum member make me smile.  

What made you choose your name?  I know dovefromabove is a real name as is Fidgetbones.........???

What name could I have chosen for myself if I had the forethought to do it?  Clearly I lack the imagination of many of

What alternative name would you have chosen now?


Verdun looks like Jonathan Creek- he has a duffle coat...

break - Dove is female. 

I'm a girl- hence my name...I calls it as I sees it.


I should have called myself MuckMagnet, just can't keep clean. I only go for a look in the garden and come back in scruffy.


I think my brain stopped working! Don't know what came over me. Best not to change it because goodness knows what it could be next. DollyP perhaps

What made you pick yours Verdun? 


Probably some of the names are as mine is, the best of three falls with the Forum, they would not accept my then given name and fourteen tries later in sheer desperation I keyed in Palaisglide and next second I was in?
Having been called many things in my carreer I would most likely have chosen B@#@#@ Lugs.



Mine is just a continuation of my youtube handle.  I called it that as a continuation of an article I wrote for  Diver  magazine called  Fidget Bones Diary.

originally my ex brother in law called me fidget because I can't sit still.

I suppose these days I'd be called hyperactive and dosed up on Ritalin.

If you'd like to see what I get up to in the Winter when its too cold to garden, look up  "whale shark feeding" by "fidgetbones" on youtube.  Also "Kat the dugong"

  I'm the one behind the camera.   The hairy one at the end is my  Toyboy.  (Got to have someone to carry the tanks)


My forum name was originally my real name but, on seeing all the great names on the site i felt i needed to change. Doc becuse I am / was one and punk because at 55 it is still my favourite musical genre.

I also feel maybe wrongly that Christo Lloyd the gardener I most admire was a bit of a punk in his amazing colour schemes.

Hello Tina.  Its my middle name. And it has sentimental connections.  What would I,have called myself?........ah! Jonathan,,,,,,mmmmmm....Creek.  (hiya Fairygirl)


Haven't you donoffe this before?

Then you guessed the persona behind the name. Weren't far off with my previous name either.


I've used booker on other places, as my surname means books, so I may as well be booker here as well - thus booker too.  The picture is my hand with some seeds a friend gave me, from Tasmannia - grown leaves but no flowers - yet.  Quite happy with this so can't for now think of an alternative I might have used. 


Punkdoc- I like the idea of Christo Lloyd getting into some ripped clothes with safety pins
and doing his hair in spikes (with Fairy liquid to keep it in place...I know the tricks!) and listening to the Sex Pistols....


I play a few online games, and have done for many years, in those games i always use carniverous plants as my insperation. I've had characters called Nepenthes, Sarracenae, Dionaea to name a few, it's amazing how few people actually know the latin names for stuff and have no idea where the name comes from. 




Andy - but is your name Andy and are you a Scientist?? 


I remember this topic being done on the Beeb forum, not on here.  I wasn't TT then. Actually, I think that's probably why I picked my daft name as I felt too normal.

Andy, I'm lucky if I can remember the 'common' name, let alone know what they are in Latin.

Thanks Verdun. Unusual.

Fidgetbones, are you a muscian by any chance?



Sorry Verd- forgot you were there! Hello 

I know you're not really Jonathan Creek...but do you have the same initials...JC????

Only half my name's right- I'm not a real fairy....I know -sorry I've been misleading you all 

Tina- I think Verd did this thread on here a while back. Or I've been in a parallel universe.

Do you do lots of diving fidget? I've got a niece who teaches diving in Thailand.


I stand corrected then FG, as you didn't post on Beeb forum.

What day is it? Meals on wheels usually calls on Tuesday.


No,I'm not musical at all. Can't play any instrument. Can't read music. Can't sing in tune. OH thought I should enter "the voice" after seeing the end of it on Saturday.

My dad can't read music ,but he can play (with both hands) the mouth organ or the piano or organ. If he hears a tune once, he can play it back. Thats a special sort of talent, but my sister got the musical gene.

 I learnt to dive in Cornwall at the age of 40. I dived a lot around St Ives, Penzance, off the lizard, and I love Lamorna cove.

One August, on  the lowest spring tide of the year, after a trek through the sludge in full kit, carrying weight belts and fins, from the edge of penzance harbour, through the grounded boats and up the slip, I decided I was too old for diving in England. These days I prefer warm  clear water with hunky divemasters to lug kit around.


Fidget  - but aren't you 27 like everyone else here? 

You've another day to wait Tina....have you taken your medication?