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DM pictures look good. , nice garden


Hate to sound silly, Dave, but what are those trees in the hedge of numbers 3 & 4?

(Congratulations, by the way. Was amazed...)


A few photos from this mornings jaunt around the garden...









Lovely, Mrs. G. You can't have had a frost yet.


Looking beautiful MrsG


Hello everybody , on holiday in Tenby had a frost last night and 1 due tonight 

Winters coming , personally I like winter , great if we get snow !

Beaus Mum

Hi GWRS hope you're having a lovely holiday 

Beautiful pics from everyone as always, so many to catch up on and can't believe how gorgeous all the gardens are still looking 

 wonderful colour on the years last roses-mrs. g. how fine everything looks


Just went out and took these as the sun starts to break through the fog.



Still looking really fresh Fairy - lovely

Our Fatsias are now monsters - but the bees love the flowers



There's always something good in a garden, even when the days are short and light is low. Lovely pics.

Did you knit the web yourself Fairy


I did nut 

Think my Fatsia may have flowers next year chicky. I used to love them - very architectural aren't they? I often wonder if I could sneak round to my previous house round the corner and see if the Fatsia's still there. It was about 7 to 8 feet when I left. 

Beaus Mum

Bumped for Susan porter 

December is hear , garden looks good but different , leave gone off the trees , except the Holly , nearly all the leaves are off the hawthorn hedges , still got some roses out and the hellebores and cyclamen are looking nice

I like the changing seasons personally 

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