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Gardeners Freebies (for the cost of postage.)

magazine/newspaper offers of plants or seeds for the cost of postage.

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Stacey Docherty

Gardening weekly .... Free x2 agastache post more details later when I get home and have mag in front of me....


These companies make profit on those 'free P&P' offers and the plants are normally small whips/bare root etc that you can get for a quid in a GC.

Stacey Docherty

I agree blairs that the plants aren't always the largest but that's an individual informed choice for the purchaser..... This thread is just for those people who don't get a barrage of mags and I'm sure if any do take advantage of offers they will research appropriately before purchasing! 



I had 10 packets of veg seed last month for about £2.70 from a telegraph offer. it wouldn't suit everyone.

I wouldn't want the apple tree(I have 2 large and 5 small apple trees), but someone growing in pots might.

 Not everyone lives next to a garden centre and you  have to factor in petrol costs these days.

You pays your money, take your choice.


Lesley Cardiff

Sometimes with a bit of nurture they are a real bargain - just bringing on a half price bargain pack of 72 perennials (Thompson & Morgan) and I have 119 plants to plant out next year - most of the very small modules had more than one seedling ...

Stacey Docherty

groupon offer

Bringing colour to autumn gardens, this collection of plants arrive as delicate plugs and include a vibrant array of pansies, forget-me-nots, polyanthus and bellis perennis. With 120 or 240 plants in all, the bumper crop is suitable for pots and borders, and continues to brighten up gardens right through to early winter.


Choose from the following options for autumn plug plants, distributed by Suttons Seeds.


 £19.99 for 120 plants (49% off)


 £36.99 for 240 plants (27% off)

Well, I'd like to thank fidgetbones for a jolly good idea. Even though I'm unlikely to take up any of the offers (I need another half acre as it is) I think lots of people will enjoy seeing the offers

if companys are giving free things away it's because they want your name and address on database's so they can sell on and make money that way. Free things in return for years of junk mail and spam phone calls.

I registered to receive a free copy of The English Garden back in the summer - it never arrived! 

I quite like the freebies from GW...


Stacey Docherty

Oooooo thanks fidget I have been after a pinkberry



Thanks Fidget bones,that sounds a good offer,would never have known about it if you had not posted,this is a good idea for a thread

Fothergills are getting sneaky.  The advertising says 36 tulip bulbs for £5.60 p&p but when you try to order they add a further charge if you haven't ordered any other items.

Watch out for that.

I don't know why, but I thought I'd try ordering again.  This time it worked without adding p&p a second time.  I accessed the system in exactly the same way I accessed first time round so it looks like their system may be a bit flakey.  Just be aware when placing an order that you need to check that you aren't being charged twice.

The potty gardener

Thank you Fidget. I've got quite a lot of these offers. They are usually small but very healthy.