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Why no coverage of Gardeners World show on the BBC ?  We had endless coverage of Chelsea but the very show that is supposedly sponsered by the BBC has no coverage - nothing on this Friday's programme-it always covered the Show before so why not this year?

Rainwater Fanatic

I agree, it seems a bit odd. Perhaps they are leaving it until next week once it is all finished and will give us a recap?  General comments from some of the other posts would suggest that it is not that impressive this year anyway.

I was wondering the same. I was at the show on Wednesday(12/6/13), as I have done for many years, and was surprised that there were no camera crews around and no signs of Monty, Rachel, Carol or Joe. Why would the Gardeners world team not be at the show for filming and interacting with the with those who watch them week in week out?? My surprise started when last week he said he would be back at Longmeadows, as I had expected to hear some news about the show. What's going on BBC? 

The show did not have the usual buzz about it this year and there was definitely less plants people at the show. This is the first year that I have not bought any plants for myself. Overall a disappointment. Considering not going next year.

You ain't missing much we went this year as every year and this is the worst it's been probably to do with the weather we've had this year as the selection of plants were very disappointing but hay ho maybe better next year 

Off subject a little but I enjoyed Beachfrove this week.  A lot Of time spent on plants, which I like.  It's a very relaxing programme


By the sounds of it glad i decided not to go this year. I've been going every year for ages. I didn't think last year was as good as previous years, so I made my mind up to go to Tatton park instead. I am disappointed that so far there seems to be no coverage. 


Verd - just watched last night's B'grove and was going to post tonight and tomorrow to recommend it for those not in Scotland -  some useful tips on tomatoes. There's been loads of queries here about toms so I thought it would be of interest.

I agree it's very strange about the non coverage of G's W show.

I went on Thursday and was a bit disappointed with it-seemed that the spaces were filled with large items of garden furniturge and the stands were smaller.  Felt sorry for exhibitors who were outside because of weather and had spoken to a flower grower who said that had been told that they were not allowed in the main hall but had to pay the same rent to stand outside and it was out of the way opposite to the entrance-what is NEC trying to do?-certainly not encouraging more exhibitors-hope GW doesn't go the same way as Focus on Imaging!


The management of the GW show was given over to the RHS some years ago and has nothing to do with the TV programme.  If its not included in the BBC TV coverage contracts it won't get air time.    People have said several times on here that the show lost the plot when it was merged with the Food and Drink shows.  




Never been to Chelsea (always thought it very crowded from TV pics) but going to Hampton Ct Show next month on the Saturday, which will be the first ever proper show ever visited apart from local shows.  Hope not disappointed, and really looking forward to the show. Hoping for good weather.

anybody else ever been there, and tips please?


Woodgreen wonderboy

HC is different from Chelsea. Good thing is that it is a much bigger site and less crowded, altho' more tiring because of distances to be walked. Show gardens are not as grand, altho' can still be interesting. You can buy plants on any day. Strangely Chelsea opens very early in morning..  0830?, but HC makes you wait to 1000, which seems ridiculous and unnecessary. Easy to park car at HC. Great breakfasts at the Tiltyard restaurant. Downside is that it is fast becoming a "lifetstyle" event and gardening seems to be taking the back seat.

I left HC very disappointed last year but may give it one more go. If you want to go to a good show try Malvern in Spring with a revisit in Autumn. My personal favourites 

I thought it odd too there was no coverage on tonight's programme. It's still billed as BBC Gardeners World Live (even if run by RHS) and is plugged in the magazine which of course is linked to the programme. Usually they have the plant swap etc. Very strange.

Simon 4 wrote (see)

I thought it odd too there was no coverage on tonight's programme. It's still billed as BBC Gardeners World Live (even if run by RHS) and is plugged in the magazine which of course is linked to the programme. Usually they have the plant swap etc. Very strange.

It is a tenous link though as regards the magazine and the programme

It would seem that the BBC has allowed its name to be linked to the show without any actual involvement-they could just be getting a fee for that.

we went on wednesday, and were very disappointed, the show had no buzz and seemed a lot smaller. where were the presenters ? we watch the tv program every week and would have liked to have seen at least one there...why no plant swap? and why no tv coverage, no mention on the tv about the show, sorry but we wont be going again.


The show is run by Haymarket, presumably contracted by the RHS.   I understand they asked too much for TV coverage so there was none.  Unfortunately, this has a knock on effect for sponsorship for gardens and plants people who have to balance the cost of exhibiting - fees, transport, personnel, materials, time -  against likely sales and publicity generated by a show without TV coverage.


Poppy Firth

Visited Rhs Tatton Park on Satuarday..never again. Spent just over an hour there, so it turned out to be an incredibly expensive hour. Blink and you miss the TINY show gardens..that frankly where just bland. The show ground is just one big market stall for retailers. Absolutely dreadful.



that was knutsford gc you went to tatton was fine .

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