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Lilly P, Flossie stays until there is someone she can bark at and then goes haring down the garden barking all the way (she was going behind the studio and taking a short cut across the veg patch - so had to make little gate to stop that route - she instantly learnt how to open the gate so it is now very secure) I then go haring down the garden behind her brandishing a squeezy bottle of water shouting 'No barking' and 'in the house'. This eventually works, we do this several times each morning and it keeps us very fit



Here is my gardening buddy. He's always snoozing somewhere in the shade nearby when I'm weeding. He's 11, but was 9 in the photo. I took a photo recently, but I can't find it. Usually looks scruffier, just been bathed.


Artjak, I love it!  Isn't it wonderful how they learn to open gates/ door?

our vet told us the secret was to hang a wire coathanger on the handle, nope, didn't work for us. I have to lock the door! Lol

Busy ,  your boy looks very handsome, gorgeous shoulders

Mrs N are hens not meant to be scratching about? Yours look very chilled, what's the lovely looking black one at the back?


Beaus Mum

more gorgeous gardening buddys Gina, Mrs Nesbit and BL 

Love em all 

I think this is my favorite post at the moment

 But she knows that flower tubs are forbidden!

If cats are allowed then here is Alexa who also follows me about. Was a stray, semi wild, in the woods near my daughter. Daughter managed to catch her when she was a child and has been with me ever since. Now rather sweet, but was full of hiss, spit and scratch when young.


Awww shes gorgeous.  I live cats and have had them all my life,great company if they are in the mood!

she looks very comfortable

Orchid Lady

My tired little lady gardening buddy after burying apples and eating plum windfalls 


Aww bless her OL...she's cute 

Orchid Lady

She is Fishy, she's my baby 

How do you get her to just stay on the blanket OL? Mine thinks the entire house and everything in it is his kingdom!

By the way, my gardening buddy is having a stroll around my garden at this very moment- times like this i wish id had a cat instead!
Beaus Mum

Oh love your puss cat busy lizzie, I have a black and white gang ! Two of them 

Oh OL your baby is beautiful, I think you're as bad as me taking pics of our sleeping buddy's  I've got hundreds of mine 

Orchid Lady

That's the new cover for the new leather sofa that OH insisted they would NEVER be allowed on!!! It's actually a crate blanket and normally fits perfectly when one if the boys isn't sitting on the other end!!

At this moment they have both been banished to their bed in the kitchen as they have taken to barking at everyone that walks past!!


They are funny creatures! My OH has just stuck his head out of the loo window to tell the stray cat off, hes knocking 7 shades out of the neighbours cat, making a right row!

Aww OL, why dont you buy them a kong- will keep em busy
Beaus Mum

Oh dam the forum settings I missed your replies  Hope your babies were good after they were sent to be in the kitchen OL  And allowed back on the sofa 

Did stray cat come off ok after punch ups Bekkie, hope they didn't hurt each other  Woman at work cat has had kittens but not finding motherhood coming naturally so the woman may have to hand rear, my sis and neighbour have already asked if they can have one and I'm soooooo tempted! Stop me now!!!! 

I think he has moved into our garden, still wont come too close, i certainly dont have any issues with cats fouling, no other cats are allowed to set foot in my garden, he is a right bruiser!

Go on BM, get another baby! Cats are so self sufficient anyway, you defenately wont have any issues with spiders!
Beaus Mum

I would love one Bekkie but have two already and they are house cats as live on busy road and scared stiff they will get run over  

Thats part of the reason i havent got one