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Beth Greenfingers!!

Hi Guys, after reading a blog by Lila Das Gupta about gardening by phases of the moon.... seems to be an interesting theory, and just wondered if anyone from the forum had tried it themselves??


Oakley Witch
I have noticed a difference in my seed sowing using the moon. Some people say it doesnt work...but im seeing a positive in my greenhouse. Next year, Im doing my whole year using this method.
One of the most famos moon gardeners is a Cornishman...John Harris....and he is convincing.
For me gardening according to weather conditions is far more relevant. I grow good crops and often excellent ones my way
Beth Greenfingers!!

Sounds great guys, i might just give it a go!!! Due to the weather being behind ive got my main crop of potatoes (Cara) Chitting on the windowsill and by the "Moon" forecast they say to plant these crops the moon calender is between April 25th to 2nd of May, im going to give it a try, just hope im not planting the tatties to late? (First time for main crop potatoes)

I will keep you's posted!!!!

Oakley Witch what phase of the moon do you sow your seeds?

Verdun does the cornishman have any information, ie website?

There's a website calendar here -   It doesn't give a complete list of doable tasks so you have to read the info about what to do on root/flower/leaf/fruit/maintenance days.  You can use the simple lunar phase guide, the biodynamic guide or the sidereal depending on how complicated you want to be.   I tend to go with biodynamic.

I find it very helpful for organising my time as I tend to stick to the tasks I've set out to do instead of letting myself get distracted by jobs/weeds/pruning that I see out of the corner of my eye.   Even for those who are sceptical about the moon's ability to influence plants, it's a good organisational aid.

As for your spuds being late, I'd say not.  Better to plant them when teh soil is warmer than risk giving them a chill and setting their growth back.


Meet the head gardener..coloradomoon gardener is good site to look at Beth. Tell us what you think

I dont know... my neighbours think I am crackers already.  If they spy me out in the garden in the moonlight they may send the people in white suits around!!

Are you trying to be funny or just dim?   Lunar cycles are active 24/365 and leap years too.  They can even change from one phase to another in daylight if you want to be really perickety about following the biodynamic cycle.

OK, I'll spell it out.  Lunar cycles indicate on which DAYS you should do things.  It does not involve gardening by moonlight or torch light or floodlight.


 Lunar gardening does NOT mean gardening at night by the light of the moon. I don't practise it myself, so my understanding is limited, but I do know it means gardening in daylight but timing activities such as sowing seed at what are regarded as optimum times in the lunar cycle. There is a suggested scientific argument for it, to do with varying gravitational forces that affect soil conditions (rising and falling moisture levels), root development etc..I teach science and wouldn't dismiss it. After all, I would not want to have been a know-all critic of the ancient Egyptian practice of rubbing mouldy bread to treat infections on wounds, which 3000 years later was discovered to be the effect of penicillin!



Ha Ha.. I think there's a bit of leg pulling going on here.  Thanks obelixx for providing the website and I have looked at it.  It is interesting the information that is there.  Personally I plant things when the weather is suitable and my joints allow me to (I am 73 in June, shhhh).  I do enjoy these Forums, so informative.


Brumball, perhaps you need some moonlight.

No gardening in the dark but by lunar cycles but it's hard enough gardening without doing it on a bicycle......oops! Bit of a lunatic remark,
Today I sowed carrots....did so because weather was right and time suited me. I know they will grow well. Can't be bothered about minuscule possible effects of the moon. Times too short for all that

Thanks Brumball.  Age is no excuse for being dim though.... By the way, Sterelitza is a flower that I have grown in the conservatory as its too cold in our Northern climate to grow them outdoors.  I was told I would be unable to grow them from seed in a cold conservatory but I did and I am proud of it.  I dont know if the phase of the moon had anything to do with it.


Have I been suckered in here? 



No worries. Been away for a year or so - still not tuned in to the characters / style of banter!



I don't know about plants but it's popular for fishing and hunting. Tides are always highest on a full moon and a new moon, which brings the fish in. But then you have to get a tide at the right time of day too. it shifts by about an hour a day roughly.


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