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Hi All!

I run my local group of the UK online based nonprofit voluntary recycling/reuse charity Freegle means 'Free Giving Locally Easily' and has only one goal 'To Stop Good Stuff Going to Landfill' and in doing that support local communities around the UK including Schools, I have several local schools who come to us for resources whilst they go through the Green Flag Award Scheme. Colleges, Uni's, Allotment Associations, Charities, Nonprofits, Community Groups and many more who can register to get the resources they need completely free of charge. Yes, that's right there's no money involved in being part of the Freegle community. Freegle saves literally hundreds of tons of perfectly useful stuff from landfill every month. I've created a community garden and have had everything from trellis, bricks and mortar for retaining walls, seeds, plants, containers, old windows and door frames for our cold frames, tools and garden furniture and that's just a small part that Freeglers have played in helping me get the garden up and running. There are over 550 groups and more than 1.6 million members giving away stuff they no longer want and/or getting things they do. So why not help yourself and help the environment at the same time.


Sounds a bit like the Freecycle Group I belong to.  I have given away loads of stuff and everyone is so grateful.  In the last few weeks there have been lots of plantlings being offered where folks have over germinated seeds.  Well done Liz for running your Freegle group 

We used to be part of the Freecycle organisation but they treated us so badly 150 groups and the 4 UK Exec Directors walked away in 2009 and created Freegle. We don't have a problem with Freecycle on the ground its the owners who are the problem. In fact Freecycle mods are encouraged to use our backstage groups anonymously so they can talk openly about issues without the threat of losing their groups which still happens. Many Freegle group leaders lost groups they'd run entirely from their own pockets some for nearly a decade but received an email saying they were 'No longer a good fit for Freecycle and ordered to resign and give up their groups, they were also banned from joining Freecycle groups as members it was such a shame we didn't want to go but they didn't really give us a choice. We fully support Freecycle mods they do a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances.  


Sorry to hear about all the angst behind the scenes

It's long over and done with now we're just happy to be able to help those who choose to stay with them


Great Liz webuyvery little new stuff

Steve 309

Buy?   What are skips for?

Steve 309

My OH here in Belgium (I do get about) refuses to countenance taking anything from a skip as she doesn't want 'other people's rubbish'!  Yet she was seriously pleased yesterday to see an empty skip sitting round the corner yesterday and wanted to dump some rubble in there from a job we're doing.  I did point out that this was tantamount to stealing the space that someone else had paid for.....

If you offered rubble on Freegle they'd bite your hand off Most contractors doing building work for you will charge you to dig it up and the cost of the skip then take it away and bring it back in a different skip and sell it back to you. Its expensive stuff 100mm hardcore = £100 (0.75m3) 150mm concrete = £180 (gone a bit thicker as it will be used as a workshop = 1.3m3) Skip for soil / waste = £100 


Just joined freegle lincoln

I have been a freecycle, then freegle, member for many years. A great system of recycling, and when you offer something, someone takes it away for you. Can be quite useful if it's big and heavy. Lots of dated electrical goods, Tv's videos, furniture etc. but I have also got sand, bricks, roofing tiles, paving, greenhouse bits, and recently from a freegle made contact well over a cubic yard of good top soil over a period of 2 months or so. Plants are quite common, also pots, part bags of compost or grit etc. Sheds, greenhouses, garden tools, mowers, even the odd car or caravan.

Cool you're going to love it Fyi Freegle actively encourage Schools, Colleges, Uni's Community Groups, Charities, Nonprofits voluntary organisations and many more to post for resources free of charge.


Ahhh thank you! I honestly couldn't find it! Found the malvern one though.

If you go to and use the 'Find a Group' link it usually brings up the 5 closest groups to you. Members can join as many groups as they wish so long as they only offer items closest to their homes. 

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