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HI all. I have a geum mrs bradshaw and it is flowing beautifully, but I was wondering what I do with it when it has finished flowering. Do I cut all the long stems back to ground level or do I just leave it to die back itself?

When I bought it last year it was only tiny and didn't flower but this year it's gone mad!!!

Cut back the flower stems and feed it.  Liquid tomato fertiliser is good.  This will help the roots grow stronger to produce a better plant next year and should also encourage a second flush of flowers later this summer.   Once the plant is big enough, you can think about lifting and dividing it in spring to make more free plants.


Should they be cut right back to the base?

Yes, but just the flowering stems. 


Thanks Obelixx 



If you keep snipping off each bloom as soon as it has dropped it's petals, you can prolong the flowering season by quite some time as new buds will soon form.  If you allow seed pods to form, it will stop flowering.


Do you mean just snip them off with some secatures or scissors?  Bob


Yes, just the very end as young flower buds often form an inch or two below the old flower.

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