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It's still so hoooooooot.  Isn't it great?  Weatherman said it will last until the end of the month.,,few signs of sun fatigue so far in the plants but lawn begining to lose its lustre

Foodbank was hot and hectic.  Don't like being indoors when weather is so good.

Still have pots of cannas, echinaceas, grasses, dahlias etc to put somewhere.  They're in large 5 litre pots so looking good 

Going to put tv on to watch mr Titchmarsh .  I know it's not really gardening but it's a "nice" prog, it's "corny" and it puts a smile on people's faces


Hi folks   Toms and courgettes watered and I've been fed and am now bushed!  



Weekend purchases now planted, not where I thought they'd be, but hey! Penstemons which magically became  foxgloves over winter (...fairy?) now moved to pots to give away, & Thompson & Morgan refunded and apologised.) cannas  and lucifer starting to show red tips which is quite exciting. Sat on 'my' seat in Garden with vino, nice. Looking at plants which need moving (all!).


Goodevening anyone who is around. Definitely the hotest and most humid day so far.  A sofa day. Watered everything and now have all windows and doors open as there is a slight breeze.

I expect you are all sitting outside with your glasses filled. Have a lovely evening.


Hello TT and anyone else about   Definitely the hottest day so far, and I spent much of it in a car in slow traffic   I've a feeling I should've put some sunscreen on 

We've lit the BBQ and are waiting for it to be ready for sausages, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes and sweetcorn ................  anyone coming? 



Mrs G -  I never touched them - honest guv! A big boy did it and ran away...

Oh you look like this? 

I've just had my're too late  

Need to go out and water the stuff i didn't do earlier and put paint etc away. Fed up painting that b****y fence - and I'm going to double side it...I must be mad!!

Want to buy a couple of Bramleys from B&Q which I saw the other day - only a tenner and not too huge so I can get them in my car which isn't quite as useful as last one as it hasn't got a sunroof for sticking things through!

How's the fig doing Dove? Going to have strawbs and cream now 

The potty gardener

Evening Tina and Dove.

Be over next week Dove your BBQ sounds lovely.

I'm inside watching Apprentice 'till I fall asleep.

Have a good evening everyone


Hi all. Just Mrs. Maungy reporting in. Seen G.P. with no prob' I wasn't in mood for a debate. Ear not been amputated.

Got drops ,glad I went today as now hurting a bit more. I can cope with pain if tabs'help relieve it, but not good at minute and a bit dizzy. Bet I've got sun cream in it.

I have watered special babies & OH doing rest  Thanks to all who posted about ear. Will catch up on rest of posts tomoz. I'm sure some have you have been busy regardless of heat..hope all ok.

Been very hot today but at least I had an excuse to sit on bottom. Think I'm off to lie on bed violins please...


I've just made a horrid discovery - OH heard a cat fight last night - I've discovered it took place on the Shady Bank under the big ash tree in the middle of my planting of three Sum & Substance hostas - one of them is totally trashed and there's cat fur everywhere 


...and breathe, dove. Then think how lovely it was this morning in your garden. Sorry would get shot if I said what to do with the feline culprit.


Last yesterday and first tonight! Evening all. Off to the garden after hard day at work with air con.

The potty gardener

Well post on morning Forkers took so long I went over 6pm. I know  dtn for me


Goodevening MrsG and PottyG.

Thought your comment to Verdun on MF really funny MrsG. I'd keep him guessing.

Done nothing but sit again today.  Did pop to see the two invalids as other son was here to take me in car. Both seem OK. Going to water later as it is still very warm.

Detention room is going to be very crowded tomorrow.

Tina,you saying just because I'm a simple unedikated cornishman that I domt know wots  going on?  I'll have you know I got a C in woodwork and highly commended for my attendance at school. And the headmaster addressed the whole school once about me and the,school garden peas....their disappearance!

Been hot again.  just picked load of blueberries and blackcurrants.  Isn't summer grand?

Not really gardening weather. I guess there are weeds to pull but by and large not a lot to do for moment.  When lupins are over I will plant up with cannas, Dahlias, and grasses to go,with verbena bonariensis



Just had a great idea - off to London for few days from sat, wondering if my pretties will survive without watering ( only do perennials really). Have cut squares of weed fabric up and put all around plants to help keep damp! Fingers crossed.


Wot a clever idea Mrs G


Evening all. Went out and bought two Bramley's so will get them in big pots tomorrow. Bought more paint for the never ending fence and one pot spilled in back of car....just as well I'm well organised and keep lots of covers and plastic sheeting etc in back so only a little on one 'wipeable' bit of boot and  the rest on the sheets. A few sweary words later and all was right as rain.....

MrsG- don't you have a nice neighbour who could come in and give the plants a drenching of an evening? Would save you lots of effort.

PottyG- you'll get such a bad end of term report card from Verd...

Hope you're keeping cool Tina. Became very hot here again this afternoon. High twenties when I came in from work at 2pm.

Always knew Verd was a bad 'un....C in woodwork? An A in won'twork the teacher told me....


No no no not again , just lost typing. Sulking for a bit. .


try again...verdun do I get a gold star? Fairy - yes got gardeny neighbour but in too mean to return the favour - aka stress head working mum! Also for FIL.  press submit quick then breathe...


Evening all. Other than a bit of dead heading and taking photos I did nothing until second round of watering.

Nothing else to report, even meal wasn't thrilling, cold chicken and fact I feel like that was a starter and I could now eat a main course.

Does anyone having nice cake? it's not been mentioned for a least a day.

What I'd really like is a great big bag of mini Cheddars followed by go to bed. Night all.