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It's not been very warm here today. Cloudy all day.  I persuaded OH to go to a garden centre I had not been to in a long time. It has changed hands and now belongs  to a big group.  It now has  a clothes section, and more nik naks than plants.  We called in at a local nursery on the way back, but their plants were in a dire state, most of them looking like they didn't sell last year, so were dumped in a poytunnel, and just left. Verdon , do Agastache Black adder respond to being chopped? they has some, but they were pretty leggy, about 4ft tall, in a 6 inch pot.  The flowers were about to go over.

 I still managed to spend some money.

We had the first runner beans with our potatoes and some salmon for tea. I made a summer pudding for tomorrow with blackcurrants and raspberries and gooseberries. We had raspberries and cream tonight.

Tomorrow will be blackcurrant jam day. My blackcurrants don't taste like chicken.

Many thanks to everyone for their good wishes, thanks buddies.   Sounds like you have all been busy, me been resting it was still quite warm today and I sure I will spot a lot more things that need doing in the garden that I can't manage to do. but must remember to rest don't want this pain getting worse

Cake for me please  

Just catching the posts.

Fidget, for me agastache black adder just keeps flowering.  It sounds  pretty neglected.  Yep. "Chelsea chop" now. And pot on into bigger pot. It should flower again late summer.  I,would then overwinter in GH for next year.


Hello folks - the sun's suddenly come out in Norfolk - it's a glorious evening - have you read about the Phantom Potato Eater of North Norfolk and the strange case of buttery agapanthus?  It's all on the Morning Forkers Thread 

Still blooming hot.  Planted few cannas where lupins were,interspersed with panicum and calamagrostis Karl Foerster. These will provide colour and form right through until November. I think panicums are vastly under rated grasses....gentle,,subtle and oozing class. (oops, thought I was talking about me then)

Cornwall is going to be inundated with visitors next week right through to September.   Oh dear!




Sorry verdun did you see my post on Good morning about eremurus.?

I'm am sore but better now have haad along soak, thanks for your concern

Hope your pain goes GG, nothing worse I think - must go BBq nearly ready


Hi all, just caught up with all the posts on Morning thread. Hope all the injured are feeling better! Had to laugh about the cats bringing in presents. Our calico cat Peggie is one of those that brings mice and voles in during the night and lays them out for us. Sometimes the mice get away and end up under the furniture but for some reason once that happens she looses interest.

I think Verdun is a nice guy too. Reminds me of someone on another Forum!

Swiss sue........not on any other forum.  According to some I'm Monty, momty,s dad, Monty's son, Jonathan creek and lately Sweeney Todd..........? Just who am I?


Well, I know you're not the Phantom Potato Eater - I've got him sussed 

And the Undergardener says the Phantom Potato Eater is responsible for the butter on the agapanthus, so that can't be  you either!

But you might be  the reason why there's no more apricot, almond and ricotta slices left 

Gardening Grandma

Dear me - how mysterious! As a relative newbie to forums, all this is new to me. Obviously, there are complexities I did not dream of. 

Too hot today to do any gardening - in fact, too hot to do anything, despite the fact that there's no sun and a bit of a breeze. Hotter tomorrow, apparently!  

Mattie, glad you are not feeling too bad.


Verdun wrote (see)

Swiss sue........not on any other forum.  According to some I'm Monty, momty,s dad, Monty's son, Jonathan creek and lately Sweeney Todd..........? Just who am I?

You are our favourite






 Verdun is a nice man of good judgement, an expert gardener, who happens to like cake.


Have to ay I much prefer any where slightly out of season. The 'saga'  time 



Have to say I much prefer any where slightly out of season. The 'saga'  time 


I must say I much prefer going away at the 'saga' time 





Well, that was a good day's gardening - the Shady Bank is looking much better now that I've cut back everything that was going over - especially the foxgloves and the tall campanulas.  I also cut back the rambling rose I planted last year as it's finished flowering and I want it to bush out nice and thick.  

The Undergardener (when not filching  lovely buttery new potatoes) helped me dig over the far end of the veg patch rwhere the broad beans were, and spread compost from the compost bin onto it.  We dug it in and raked it over and I've sowed two rows of Swiss Chard Lucullus.  

OH then turned all  the composting stuff in the right-hand bin into the empty bin, and we've started off a new lot of compost in the righthand bin, starting with all the perennials I cut back today.

I've cut all the chives right back as they've finished flowering, and given them a good soaking so they'll spring to life again, and given the beans, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and pear tree a good soaking too.

We've eaten our lemon tarragon chicken, and now I'm on the sofa with my feet up 



Swiss sue..   That was brilliant.  Still laughing.   


Just doing a quick catch up - Gardengirl, hope you are soon on the mend - take it easy in the meantime and let yourself recover properly.  Matty - hope your escapade doesn't result in too many aches and pains today.