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The potty gardener

Evening all. I haven't got round to reading morning thread so don't know what people are up to. I didn't think it was nice out this morning so just went out to plant gerbera I got yesterday- the sun then came out and so I just had to lay out enjoying it. Also got a little sissor happy with my snips and reduced the accuba and pittosporum.

I then decided to move a few more pots around and am now happy with it- except for stuff I still need to take to the tip. I've moved a beautiful acer so it can now been seen rather than being squashed between things.

I expect most of you are out enjoing another wonderful summer evening.


Evening all. Today I have been mostly...a domestic goddess as it was chucking it down till the afternoon but I was on a roll and kept going so the only outdoor activity was washing all the windows. Then came in and made bolognese  using some of my toms 

KEF- you've been busy in the kitchen too - dinner sounds great - and I don't even like lamb 

Was reading some of the MF's posts- poor punkdoc- we'll talk in hushed tones...

Hope the garden recovers pd - one extreme to another just now with weather.

Archie- yours sounds good too. not had a curry in ages- been too hot!



like  a roast on sunday . but its been  a busy weekend .always have a few currys  in the freezer

Gardening Grandma

All this industry! I've been almost completely idle today, preparatory to actually doing some work tomorrow. Did change some Tesco vouchers into meals out. I have enough to take us all out for our anniversary, son's anniversary and OH's birthday.  Can't be bad!

OH has just come back utterly drenched after attempting to take the dogs for a walk. They are shut in the conservatory to dry off and are pretty indignant. Not OH, of course - the dogs.  

Just to be foolishly competitive, I was a bit stuck for something for lunch today, but found a packet of sausages in the freezer, so I roasted them with new potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots and served them with cauliflower and peas. Absolutely none of it was from the garden but was lurking in the fridge. It was surprisingly nice! I even did home-made low-cal raspberry ice cream. For me, this is pretty impressive and shows what can be done when you haven't bothered to go shopping. 




GG I know you have a busy day planned tomorrow, but can you pop around and russle me something lovely like that from my freezer?  The way I've been getting through ice cream in the warm weather I think I'll need to ask for recipe for low cal rasp' one. Well you need something on strawberries don't you? Well something to cover the pattern on the dish

For any people who work for RSPCA the G.Pigs have been fed on time, fresh veg at teatime as instructed included remains of a red pepper !! yes on approved list. Dandelions, cabbage stalk ( rest for compost, found lurking in fridge) half a tomato ( shop bought) YES on the list. Also on the list Basil leaves...not a chance... 

Wonder if they like courgette / cucumber. Best check my instructions. Might be fun to feed the white faced one beetroot...smacked hands KEF

Remained in hutch today as grass wet and they can catch cold. I got sopping wet feeding them but I'm not furry & cute.

It's so hard being a food godess for G pigs.


KEF wrote (see)

( rest for compost, found lurking in fridge) 


I keep mine in the shed KEF...??



Gardening Grandma

Just bumping up this thread before it goes onto the second page.


Just watched the butterfly prog on iPlayer - amazing creatures


Here comes the rain again  - I feel a song coming on (i'm an eighties girl)

The potty gardener

Just going to say I'm first Verdun- off to water- I may be gone some time

Gardening Grandma

And its 7.45 and I'm second! Where is everyone?

Went to bro's to do garden. Thought it would not take long. Was I ever wrong!! We took down two shrubs at the back of the house and Mr GG took them to the tip. I went to the front of the house and had a look at the mystery plant. It's a wisteria, all right! The main stem, 6" thick, had obviously been there a long time and ran along the ground for several feet. The roots had spread a lot further and there were whips coming up along the entire boundary of the front lawn. I cut and pulled and tugged and went head first into a horrid mahonia (deliberately ) trying to get at all the new stems and cut them off. Eventually, I disentangled and pulled out all the growth and cut it up and OH took it to the tip. Then I found some more, growing through the stems of another rampant shrub that I couldn't identify and eventually found and cut them out. Now, how do I kill the b******s?

By now entirely exhausted, we raked up all the mess, bagged it, put it in the car and took it home, their dump now being closed, and called at our local dump. Then I broke both my budget and my diet when we bought Kentucky fried chicken, much too shattered to cook. I'm now slumped on the sofa, ankles painfully stiffened and back aching. OH appears to have energy still and is doing something or other outside. Couldn't care less if he is attacking the borders with a flame thrower. Ah, perhaps that's the answer to the wisteria problem!!!


you're a star GG hope bro appreciates you .

I was head first in a phlomis today, not much left but it always comes back. Time to paint the house so it got a short back and sides.

I see a huge heaps of shreddings being built again, it's such hot work in summer that I leave it, then there are enormous heaps come autumn


What a day GG! have a well earned rest.

Hi all. Decided to go ahead with new idea (todays idea!) of a bed for late summer and autumn flowers. GC offered veronica, penstemon and salvias. Read the labels carefully and planted up after tea. The new bed is where I was moving the alliymd from but decided to work around them and buy more for where I actually now want them! So , to plant this bed, as I said I left the alliums alone, moved lavender, chives, aquillegia, kafir Lilly, pinks. Only had enough new plants for half the bed - thought I could split them but no. Looks sort of ok I think but will need a year or 6. Will post a pic on  Oh also bought a globe artichoke for £1.

Now if you'll excuse me a need that glass of wine.

Ps not used to writing such long posts so not checked for typos.



nothing wrong with a good typo Mrs G. 


Evening all.  Much too tired to do anything today.  Raining on and off.  After lots of litter picking yesterday at volunteering for Conservation Day at Sholing Valley Study Centre now have backache (should be resting after stay in hospital).  Didn't realise litter was as heavy as it was until trudging back to centre.  Phew!!

Just been catching up on thread.

Off to bed now as very tired.   Night all.



GG  lost for words, a well earned take away

Nut when you've painted the house my shed needs doing, or should I ask Fairy?

Off to check tele' when it's quiet on here I'm usually missing some gardening  / wildlife prog. Plus H would like a turn on the computer


Gardengirl - not sure a litter pick was quite what they had in mind when they told you to take it easy !  Hope you feel ok in the morning - how is the tummy BTW?


sorry KEF, we've got sheds to do as well. they're mostly mine, unskilled labour that's me when it comes to painting. OH gets to do the important bits.


Anyone having difficulty finding garden gallery 2013? It seems to have disappeared?